28 Sep

Improvements to Morgan Wiper Blades

The B Hive

1003 Old Stone Church Rd.
Clemson, S.C.

#370-255  8″ Wiper Blade  Midget 58/68
#370-308 Wiper Arm Spridget 58/67

Remove wiper arm assemblies from Morgan
Remove wiper blade from arm
Lay Morgan wiper arm over or next to the new arm and mark the overall length needed
Remove rivet from new arm and adjust to meet the required length of old arm
Drill new hole in arm, and rivet in place
Install new blade
Install and adjust onto the wiper post for proper movement

This will take about 20 minutes per blade and will give a much improved wiper operation

Tip Courtesy of Reg Hahn

26 Sep

Morgans Wanted!! Put-In-Bay Ohio 27-30 August 2017

2017 Put-In-Bay Road Races
Vintage Racing the Way It Should (And Used) To Be

The 2017 Put-In-Bay Road Races Reunion (August 27-30) Offers:
– Two Days of racing for pre-’73 prod. cars ut to 3.0L, sports racers up to 1.5L & others,
– Relaxed event at Put-in-Bay on Ohio’s South Bass Island, where sports cars raced form ’52 to ’59 and one in ’63. Entry options for racing – and non-racing vintage sports car enthusiasts,
– Old course touring, social events, car show, guest stories and . . .
More Guaranteed fun than any other vintage racing event or so our past participants tell us.

Still not for big bores or egos . . . and proudly so! www.pibroadrace.com

734-502-25435 / 803-463-5388


26 Sep

Morgan Aero 8 Reviewed (www.director.co.uk)


A new version of a much-loved classic Morgan combines character, charm and master craftsmanship, along with a welcome dash of British eccentricity, writes Tiff Needell

So Brexit will become a reality and, listening to the tidings of doom, you might be thinking the world is collapsing around us and foreign investment will vanish along with our car production. But fear not – whatever happens, we’ll still have Morgan!

Morgan is the world’s oldest privately owned car manufacturer, family owned and British – very British! It all started in 1909 when Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan began building cars which were, to put it bluntly, one wheel short of a full set. It wasn’t until 1936 that Morgan produced its first proper car, the 4/4, which this year celebrates an unbroken 80-year production run.

The company still makes three-wheelers as well if you want slow yet eccentric motoring thrills, and you can buy a 4/4 for as little as £35,400. As Morgan marketing moves into the modern world, you no longer have to wait two years to own one. But if you fancy something more exciting than a 110bhp four cylinder then the flagship Aero 8 is the model for you.

The original Aero 8 first arrived in 2000 but, after four generations of gradual development, production ceased in 2008, as the company focused on more exotic coupés such as its AeroMax, before being relaunched as the Aero 8 last year. Never likely to win a beauty contest with its cross-eyed, concave front end, the Aero 8 is nevertheless eccentrically English in style.

As with all Aero 8s the new fifth generation has a V8 BMW power plant under its long bonnet as the company says goodbye to the iconic Rover V8 used in its Plus 8 models since 1968. Connected to BMW’s smooth six-speed manual gearbox with a limited slip differential and no traction control, the 367bhp is as lively as you’d wish.
Morgan’s success comes from sticking to traditional coach building. While the Aero 8 replaced the 4/4’s steel chassis with an aluminium one it retained the beautifully crafted ash wood frame construction that supports the body. The result? A car that weighs just 1,150kg.

The latest Aero 8 has a much stiffer chassis than its predecessors and refined suspension has reduced the body-roll and sharpened its handling. The removable mohair roof can be stashed away out of site for the true sports car look and there’s plenty of room for storage inside the clamshell boot.

You could waste £2,495 on an automatic six-speed, but flappy panels are as out of place in a Morgan as a mid-engined layout would be. You might spend £6,495 on a carbon-fibre hard top which you’d have to leave behind if you took it off – although you’d still have the soft top ready for any rain.

I would be tempted to part with £2,795 for a performance pack that adds red brake calipers, a gloss black diffuser and side-exit exhausts for the optimum sound effect.
One thing that even the shock of Brexit can’t alter though is the value of a Morgan – beautifully hand-crafted in the Malvern Hills of Worcestershire and ready to blow all your worries away.

Morgan Aero 8
Top speed 170mph
Acceleration 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds
Engine 4.8 litre V8 petrol generating 367bhp
Gearbox six-speed manual
Economy 23mpg
Price £88,194
Performance 8/10
Performance 8/10
Handling 8/10
Economy 7/10
Comfort 7/10
Quality 9/10
Desirability 8/10

25 Sep

Joining The Elite Century Club (www.chattanoogapulse.com)


2,300 car companies have launched, but only two have hit the century mark

Ford, and Morgan. It’s an unlikely pair: the conservative, patriarchal American ur-manufacturer and the family of English handcrafters. What is the secret that has allowed these car companies to be the only ones that have gone through most of the 20th Century with their identities intact?

It’s a bit of everything. With the Model T, Ford built up such an enormous head start in the Teens and early Twenties that no amount of mismanagement or Nazi sympathizing—and there was plenty of both—could erase their advantage.

Founded in 1903, Henry Ford was company President on and off (his son Edsel ran the company from 1919 through 1943, when Henry finally broke his heart and badgered him to death) until after World War II.

(General Motors was in a similar position but wasn’t incorporated as we know it today until October 1916. It’ll join the list in about two weeks.)

Wartime military production benefitted large companies more than small and when Henry retired for good in 1945, another Ford stepped into the leadership, followed by Henry Ford II and today’s Executive Chairman, William Clay Ford, Jr.

While Henry Ford came from a poor farm family and built his first engine at home, Englishman Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan, known as HFS, was the well-off son of an Anglican reverend, whose father actively supported Harry’s career.

After apprenticing as a draughtsman for a railway engineer, he constructed his first lightweight three-wheel cyclecar in 1908-’09, inventing a sliding-pillar front suspension they use to this day. He intended the car only for personal use but the interest it attracted and his father’s urging, had him selling cars by 1910, with the Morgan Motor Company officially incorporated in 1912.

His son Peter took over the chairmanship when HFS died in 1959; followed by Peter’s son Charles in 1999. Charles was ousted by Morgan’s Board of Directors in 2013, but the company remains privately owned by the Morgans.

The family history of both companies is an obvious parallel, but they could otherwise scarcely have less in common. Ford’s philosophy was one of total control, famously owning the mines where their iron was extracted and the forests where wood was harvested.

In 1923, Ford sold 2,011,125 Model T’s. This was also a high point of Prewar production for Morgan, which cranked out 2,300 cars, approximately 1/1000th of Ford’s volume. Morgan’s most successful model ever, the Plus 8, was built from 1968-2004 and they sold 6,000 of them.

In 2004, Ford was selling over 2,500 F-series pickups a day. Ford builds the Fiesta; a 37-foot long, 13,000-pound F-750; and everything in between. Morgan’s largest car, the 2,600-pound Aero 8, is lighter than almost every Fiesta variant and is their only car that isn’t made out of wood. Their popular new 3-wheeler weighs just 1,157 pounds.

But there is one other thing in common: Neither company has ever declared bankruptcy. Ford took $5.9 billion in low-cost federal loans, but wasn’t bailed out like GM and Chrysler; and Charles Morgan was kicked out because the board felt he was leading them into financial disaster.

By keeping their firms in the family, Ford (although publicly traded, various Ford family members and trusts own most of it) and Morgan have been able to follow their own course without surrendering influence to non-car people and outside money.

Their continuity and deep knowledge of not just the industry, but their place in it, has given them the confidence and resources to pursue their own different but distinct paths.

Both only make vehicles, although Ford did once make some very fine aircraft. Whether it’s drive, foresight, luck or a unique place in history, Ford and Morgan have done the nearly impossible and between them amassed 225 years of independent operation, while making some extraordinary cars.

They’re one in a thousand, and there are no other companies like them.

David Traver Adolphus is a freelance automotive researcher who recently quit his full time job writing about old cars to pursue his lifelong dream of writing about old AND new cars. Follow him on Twitter as @proscriptus.

23 Sep

MOGSouth/GatorMOG Goes North to VA / MD

A few of the MOGSouth/GatorMOG Morgans ventured into the realm of MCCDC and joined a ‘Pub Crawl’ through Virginia and Maryland. Three cars traveled from Sanford Florida to Lorton Virginia, via Amtrak’s AutoTrain, to join 8 more Morgans for a week or so of driving, site seeing, eating and drinking. Great fun!!

Included in our three car band of Floridians were Sam and Rick Frazee (2005 Roadster), John and Debbie Stanley (1990 Plus 8) and Andrea and I (Ugly Betty, our 1986 Plus 8).

We were certainly not alone, as there were other MOGSouth members and Morgans in the group.

Don and Maddie Moodie, currently residing in the Eastern Shore of Maryland but soon to move to Pinehurst, NC participated in their lovely 1986 4/4.

Gary and Sally Kneisley of Grafton OH (2005 Roadster) joined us.  Gary and Sally will join us at the Fall Meet and travel on to Key West.

Gary wrote a daily journal of the event (a ‘blog’ in the modern vernacular) and it can be found, like all other important things, on the internet, at  2016MorganPubCrawl.BlogSpot.com.

Bob and Missy McKenna (1986 Plus 8) planned the event (a momentous effort!) and were our leaders and trail blazers for this Morgan road trip.  We visited their wonderful home when we stopped in Williamsburg VA.   Bob and Missy went to Key West with us in 2011.

Please visit the blog to read about our daily adventures.  These road trips are great fun, and if needed, can provide justification and raison d’être to owing a Morgan, should it be needed.


Mark Braunstein

12 Sep

All British Car Fayre, 10 September 2016 – Norcross GA


OK, my brother Mark got all of the car genes.  I wouldn’t know a carburetor from a clutch, while MacGyver, here, can pull a whatchamacallit out of little duffle bag of tricks on a dusty country road, miles from the nearest anything, and get us happily motoring again.  That being said, I do know what I like.


I like form.  I like the way chrome and leather and wood and glass and steel and color come together to become a thing of beauty.  I also like old historic towns and a nice British Tea.  I got to enjoy them all on Saturday, as Norcross, Georgia hosted the British Car Fayre.

It was a hot, steamy day but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm at this well attended and well organized show.  An air conditioned shuttle dropped us off just a short block’s walk from the show.  As an added bonus the Sunbeam Tiger and Sunbeam Alpine East groups were also holding their annual meet, so we were treated to a nice array of Sunbeams as we approached the rest of the Fayre.

We were just in time for the arrival of the ‘Queen’ in a lovely Rolls Royce, preceded by a pipe and drum corps.  I can’t help with the details on the car.  It was red and black and very regal.  I think the real Queen would have enjoyed a ride in it, I know I would.

Next up were the Jags – a personal favorite of mine.  They neatly lined the street; as did one Delorean, and the rest of the Rolls; as we made our way to the Masonic Lodge for tea.  After tea, hosted by the Daughters of the British Empire, we made our way past the Lotuses to the Morgans.

The Morgans were well represented and had a nice spot in a shaded parking lot next to the Iron Horse Tavern that was wrapping up fish and chips to go.  Since we’d just finished tea, we passed on the fish and chips. Randy Johnson greeted me with, “your brother said you’d be here!”  Guess Mark gave him fair warning, haha!  Dave and Marilyn Bondon also had a car, as did Morgan Bondon, but I missed seeing them.  After a quick look at the Triumphs and the Bentleys, it was time to head to The Taste of Britain shop for some provisions and then head back to our car via that mercifully air conditioned shuttle.


Seeing the Morgans got me even more excited for my encore performance as chase car driver for the upcoming Morgans to the Keys trip in October.  Hope to see some of you then!


P.S. – My brother also got all the photography genes, but hopefully these shots give you a little taste of the Fayre!


Words and Music – Barbara Curasi (Mark Braunstein’s Sister)




11 Sep

16th Annual Atlanta British Car Fayre


There were 14 Morgans on display including a new Trike, an Aero 8 and Harry Gambills’ new Aeromax as well as his Plus 8 plus numerous Plus 4s, a 4/4, several Roadsters and Plus 8s.


In addition to yours truly along with my  daughter Amy and grandson Eli, members in attendance were: SuperDave Bondon with Marilyn joining him later, Morgan Bondon, Drew Weigner, Lance Lipscomb with grandson Trip, local Morgan dealer Bob Boston, Fred Hollinger, Dwight Kinzer and Paul Brown, and Pete Olson parked elsewhere with his Caterham Super 7.  Cyril Brown and Ham Williams were there and Gerald Petter stopped by to say hello.     I am sure I missed someone and if so I apologize.


For the last several years the Morgans were parked near the Iron Horse Pub making it easy to grab a beer but also thankfully, in the shade, as it was quite a warm day.


It was estimated that there were over 300 British cars at the show, including 70+ Sunbeams as they were having their Meet in conjunction with the Car Fayre.

The Annual Atlanta British Car has become a great event at a great venue.


Hope to see you there next year.


Randy Johnson




08 Sep

Morgan’s zero-emissions three-wheel car to go on sale in Selfridges (https://www.theguardian.com/)

Limited edition version of sports car maker’s all-electric EV3 costs £52,500 and aims to promote British craftmanship.


Just 19 of the UK 1909 Edition cars will be made and sold in Selfridges’ flagship Oxford Street store from the end of November. Photograph: Selfridges/PA
The world’s first zero-emissions, all-electric three-wheel car will go on sale in November – in the unlikely setting of a London department store, where it will jostle for shoppers’ attention alongside Louis Vuitton handbags and Tiffany jewellery.

Hand-built by the Morgan Motor Company, the British bespoke sports carmaker, the two-seater will cost £52,500 and is the result of a collaboration with retailer Selfridges that aims to promote craftsmanship within British manufacturing and sustainability.

Just 19 of the UK 1909 Edition cars – a nod to the year both companies were founded – will be built to be sold in Selfridges’ flagship Oxford Street store in central London from the end of November. A replica will be displayed in a purpose-built concession in the revamped ground floor accessories hall while a running prototype will be available to test drive.

Taking four hours to charge, the 1909 will have an expected range of 120-150 miles – with a top speed of about 90mph – and comes in a “luxurious yet understated black” with Selfridges’ bronze detailing, reminiscent of the Oxford Street store’s distinctive sign.

The limited edition car is a bespoke version of Morgan’s all-electric EV3, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this year, and retains the company’s traditional ash frame Power comes from a 20kW lithium battery and a liquid-cooled 46kW motor driving the rear wheel.

Sebastian Manes, Selfridges’ buying and merchandising director, said a flurry of interest had already triggered some pre-orders. “We are thrilled to be able to launch such an extraordinary product, which not only looks amazing but also responds to every criteria of sustainable, responsible manufacturing we adhere to.


The limited edition car is a bespoke version of Morgan’s all-electric EV3. Photograph: Selfridges/PA
“The development of this limited edition of Morgan’s forthcoming all-electric car has been a wonderful experience from start to finish, and we can’t wait to see the further response the car aficionados among our customers will give this unique and exciting collaboration. We have never done anything with cars before and hopefully this is the start of a long-term collaboration.”

Jon Wells, head of design at Morgan, which employs 180 staff at its Malvern factory, where not a single robot is used in the workshops, said: “Selfridges is a big machine and we are a relative minnow. But we got together after taking some senior staff on one of our factory visits and discovered we had a lot in common.

“The whole experience has been a very productive and immersive one combining Morgan’s legendary engineering know-how with Selfridges’ flair for style and sustainability goals. In the online world dominated by quick clicks, and immediacy, this is about promoting and celebrating two iconic British brands which share a history.”

He said 95% of Morgan cars built since the company’s inception were still traceable. The car is being unveiled at Selfridges’ Birmingham store – its nearest to Malvern.

About 95% of all Morgan cars built since the company’s inception in 1909 are still traceable.  [I find this a very interesting comment.  My experience is that you can find the beginning and the end of a car’s lineage, but finding out what has happened to that car in during the interim gets a little murky.  MB]

For shoppers with even more cash to splash, Selfridges has also created a range of upmarket accessories to complement the vehicle. They include a £2,995 trunk from British leathercraft specialist Globe Trotter made to fit the car’s luggage rack, driving goggles by eyewear-maker Linda Farrow, a classic wax belted jacket from Belstaff and an Alexander McQueen scarf.

Morgan is also leading a £6m government-funded consortium to develop new EV and hybrid technologies – promising that more new technology will be introduced across its hand-built sports car range from 2019.

“By 2020 we will be seeing emissions-free driving zones in many cities and town centres. This is a huge step for us,” said Wells.