04 Apr

Central Florida’s All British Car Show, 1st of April – Report from the field

The British Car Club of Central Florida held their 38th annual All British Car Show on Saturday, 1 April 2023.  Some 200 british cars were highly detailed and displayed for well over 500 spectators.  It was held at Henry’s Depot, the old town train station, right downtown Sanford, FL.  Sanford is really just a bedroom community for Orlando Florida however it was once the Celery capital of the world?  Or at least that is what they claim.  Also on Saturday was the weekly farmer’s market and it was an easy walk from the car show.  Proximity to the downtown shops and quaint boutiques makes this a great location for a car show! 

Morgans were there in force.  There were 16 Morgans preregistered and then the Daytona Morgan Dealer, Christopher John, LTD, brought in a few more.  So lots of Morgans.  We had everything except a trike and an Aero.  Folks came from all over Florida and some from further afield. 

Interesting, for me anyway, was the fact that my old 4/4, a car I sold some 10-15 years ago, was back in Florida and on the show field.  My jaw dropped when I saw it and I had a nice chat with the latest owner.  I may still have bits and bobs for that car in my garage? 

A Morgan even won best of show (my Series 1 DHC prototype.)  I disagree with the selection (but I am not giving back the lovely Best of Show trophy.  I already have a perfect spot for it in the garage!)  There were a good number of absolutely gorgeous cars on the field, and some with serious provenance.  I am truly humbled by the selection. 

The meet hotel was the Comfort Inn and the club held its Meet and Greet, at the hotel, on Friday night.  MOGSouth members, Les and Joan Neumann, were the hosts and made sure everyone was quite welcome!  Job well done!!