13 Mar

MOGSouth Consolidated (All Regions) Charleston, SC (16-19 Oct) – Latest Updates (13 Mar 04)

We are calling it “The MOGSouth Charleston Pre-British Car Day Event” because the dates are just prior to the 39th Annual British Car Day Show that the British Car Club of Charleston (BCCC) has planned for Fri, Oct 18th & Sat, Oct 19th in Charleston. We are hoping you will want to continue your “British Experience” after our meet by attending this wonderful event. If you are interested in going you will need to follow their instructions. Details including the Itinerary, Registration Form and Host Hotel info can be found at www.britishcarclubcharleston.com

Wednesday, October 16th

* Arrive at our Host Hotel: Comfort Suites, 1005 Jockey Court, Summerville, SC. Welcome Bags will be available at check-in or given out at 5:00 PM in the Breakfast Room area of the hotel where our traditional
Noggin of drinks and snacks will be held. Included in the Welcome Bag will be restaurant suggestions, and all up-to-date information

Thursday, October 17th

* For our morning drive to the Middleton Place will will need to gather in the 19th century Ponds Farmhouse parking lot (in the subdivision where Ken and Pat Kreuzer live) between 9:15-9:45 AM. The address is 326 Hundred Oaks Parkway, Summerville. Pat will have homemade cinnamon rolls for us to enjoy before we have to leave promptly at 10:00. Ken & Pat will lead us on the scenic 17 mile drive to Middleton Place. This historic landmark is known to be America’s oldest landscaped gardens on 65 acres with exhibits of plantation life in the 18th and 19th centuries. We are scheduled for a Self Guided Tour of the Gardens at 10:30 AM, a 30 min House Tour (two groups starting at either 11:15 or 11:30) then a Gourmet Box Lunch under the trees at the Garden Shed covered area from 12 to 1:00 PM (See the Special Form provided for selecting your menu choice) After lunch you may stay and walk around the grounds at your leisure.

* Starting at 5:00 PM start arriving back at the Ponds Farmhouse. You will be asked to pause in front of the farmhouse where a photo will be taken & then emailed to you later. At 6:00 PM a Catered Dinner consisting of BBQ Ribs, Beef Brisket, Homemade Side Dishes, Salads and Dessert will be served.

Friday, October 18th

* Departure Day: Hopefully you will be driving to Charleston where you have pre-registered your vehicle for the BCCC’s British Car Day Event. Whatever your plans are we wish you safe travels in your journey!


Middleton Place
Gourmet Boxed Lunch Order Form

From the 5 choices below please indicate with a check mark which one
you would like to have for lunch on Thursday, October 17th
Draw a circle around your choice of 1 side
Each person needs to fill out a form
_ Ham & Cheddar Cheese on Sourdough

_ Turkey & Swiss Cheese on Sourdough

_ Chicken Salad with Celery & Pecans on Sourdough

_ Scoop of Chicken Salad with Grapes, Celery & Pecans Served with Crackers

_ Gluten Free Choice: Large salad with Mixed Greens, Tomato, Shredded Carrots & Red Cabbage Served with Crackers

Note: GF bread is available for all sandwich choices

Sides: Potato Chips, Cilantro-lime Coleslaw, Greek Pasta Salad,
Small Salad (mixed greens, tomato, shredded carrot & red

Drinks: There will be a choice of 1 Coke product or 1 bottle of Water pp

Note any food allergies here __________________________

Print your Name _____________________________
Email Address _______________________________
Cell# _________


Where: Summerville, SC
When: October 16 & 17, 2024
Hostesses: Pat Kreuzer 617-833-7726 kjkreuzer@aol.com
Judy Heck 404-234-0948 heckgj@aol.com
Karen Bernath 904-386-3001 bhilda44@gmail.com (text only please)
Host Hotel: Comfort Suites, 1005 Jockey Court, Summerville, SC 29483, 843-879-2093

Room Rates: When you call ask for the MOGSouth Room Rate
Cost is $125 + $16.25 tax = $141.25 per night
Choice of 1 King bed or 2 Queen for the same rate
(Free cancellation up to 4:00 PM on Monday, Oct. 14th)
Check-In Time: 3:00 PM Check-Out Time 11:00 AM
Payment Due: Cost to you is $30.00 pp for Middleton Tour & Box Lunch
Please make your check payable to:
Mail it along with your Box Lunch Form(s) to
Pat Kreuzer
120 Warbler Way
Summerville, SC 29483

Confirmation will be sent upon receipt of your payment
Be sure to check out the British Car Club of Charleston’s British Car Day Event on their website.
There you can see photos of past Car Day winners & register for this year’s show. The featured car for 2024 is the Sunbeam with a special celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Tiger

Dates: October 18th & 19th

Website: www.britishcarclubcharleston.com
Registration is open now & many of us are going!

09 Mar

SAVE THE DATES (7 – 9 March 2025)!!

SAVE THE DATES (7 – 9 March 2025)!!

As a result of the overwhelming support from MOGSouth and GatorMOG at the two recent cars and coffee events at Amelia Island (the Friday event, the Classic Motorsports Amelia Island Kickoff (1 March 2024) and the Saturday event, the Amelia Island Cars & Community, sponsored by Hagerty (2 March 2024)) we will likely put these events on the calendar again for next year (2025).  

These two events in 2025 will again be anchored by another MOGSouth Noggin either Friday (7 March 2025) or Saturday (8 March 2025) evening.  We are currently in work with the Surf Restaurant to host our event once again.  More information will be disseminated once it is available.  Also, the weekend includes many other automotive activities culminating in the Concours d’Elegance on Sunday (9 March 2025). 

So, save these the dates, 8 – 9 March 2025.  Plan on a fun weekend full of MOGSouth / GatorMOG activities and a weekend of good Florida weather.

A big thanks to Tim Suddard at Classic Motorsports, Jennifer Grosse at Hagerty and the staff at the Surf Restaurant, for supporting our club’s efforts over the weekend. 



04 Mar

2024 MOGSouth Spring Gathering (Hosted by the Eastern Region but All Regions Invited), Jun 7 – 9, Morganton, NC (Information Update 4 Mar)

Ok, Here we go folks. Spring Eastern Meet (Hosted by the MOGSouth Eastern Region but All Regions Invited), June 7 – 9 – Morganton, NC

Meet Hotel

Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott in Morganton, NC. (400 North Green Street, Morganton, NC 28655) Book your group rate for Mog South Group Reservation Link

Check in time is 3pm and checkout is 11am.  We are committed to a minimum of ten rooms, with a maximum of 20 discounted rooms.  The cutoff date is April 30th, so don’t procrastinate and miss out on the discounts.

Friday (7 Jun)

  • Arrive Morganton, NC.  You should arrive at the meet hotel in Morganton.  The Hotel is downtown Morganton, so it is within walking distance to everything.
  • Be advised, a MOGSouth Hospitality Suite is still being worked.   
  • Friday night supper on your own. (A list of options may be available, else ask at the hotel desk. 

Saturday (8 Jun)

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • 30 min drive to the Huffman Lincoln collection (one of the largest private collections of V-12 Lincolns in the world if not the largest.)
  • Drive to the Copper Penny on the Catawba River for lunch.
  • Return to Hotel to Freshen up.
  • Short Drive around with a beer/refreshment/potty break at Bones Jones, a nice lowkey place.
  • Group Dinner at Town Tavern, just down the road from the Hotel and located on the Catawba River. Time TBD.
  • Once supper is over you are on your own. There is a bar in the hotel and I will try and negotiate refreshment rates if possible. 

Sunday (9 Jun)

  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Departure for Home. 

Please send RSVP via email to Erik Jordan (ejordan@mossmarlow.com) regardless of your intent to join the meet. I need to know the information is getting distributed and my emails are getting to you. Some of you have already expressed your intent but a 2nd confirmation will help me.  Cheers…Erik

04 Mar

MOGSouth Consolidated (All Regions) Charleston, SC (17- 21 Oct) – Latest Updates (4 Mar 04)

Wednesday – 16 Oct 2024

  • Arrive Meet Hotel mid-afternoon. Check into the Comfort Suites Inn, Summerville, SC. (Hotel reservations are not ready just yet. So please wait to make your reservations.)
  • Evening Noggin. Time and location still TBD.

Thursday – 17 Oct 2024

  • Group Gathering at the 19th Century Ponds Farmhouse in Summerville.
  • Drive to Middleton Place (America’s Oldest Landscaped Gardens with Exhibits of 18th and 19th Century Plantation Life
  • Gourmet Box Lunch (Check Request will be coming!!)
  • Group Dinner. (Special Catered BBQ with homemade side dishes, goodies and desserts at the Ponds Farmhouse.) (Check Request will be coming!!) Time TBD.

Friday / Saturday – 18 & 19 Oct 2024

The BCCC event is not mandatory but provides an excellent opportunity to continue the British Experience weekend. 

20 Jan

2024 MOGSouth (Eastern Region) Spring Gathering

2024 MOGSouth (Eastern Region) Spring Gathering Planning in Work. Plan on Jun 6 – 9 in Morganton, NC. Negoiatiations with the Morganton Fairfield Inn are underway and details will be published very soon. A scenic drive around Lake James with a lunch stop and visit to a large local classic car collection is planned. This collection is something you will not want to miss!!

Note, we call this an Eastern Region gathering but in reality, anyone is welcome (MOGSouth or other!!). Just be sure to let me know if you’ll likely be there!

I have already heard from many expressing interest but please respond to this email if you plan to attend or not.  This will give me numbers for the hotel and restaurants. Thanks,  

Best regards and happy motoring, Erik (ejordan@mossmarlow.com)

15 Jan

2024 MOGSouth Noggin (All Regions) Fernandina Beach (1 March) – Latest Updates (15 Jan 04)

Folks, it looks like the Amelia Island Concours weekend will be a busy one.  And all the activities and events scheduled have confused a few folks, trust me – I have gotten emails and phone calls!! Let me try to help!!

FRIDAY (1 March) 1 – 5PM the ‘Classic Motorsports Kickoff’ presented by Sunoco.  This event is a ‘Cars and Coffee’ type of event but unlike the Saturday (2 March) Amelia ‘Cars and Caffeine’ Event (also a Cars and Coffee type of event) Morgans are not limited in the number of cars that could participate.  The Amelia event limited us to only 5 Morgans the last few years.

The Friday Event, the ‘Classic Motorsports Kickoff’ presented by Sunoco promises us no limitations (now or in the future!), all Morgans arriving together will be parked together and a special award for Morgans only.

In order to arrive together (and allowing folks to find this new location) we will rendezvous at the Surf Restaurant as we have in the past at 1215PM and leave for the ‘Classic Motorsports Kickoff’ promptly at 1230 PM.  

The ‘Classic Motorsports Kickoff’ finishes at 5PM and this allows us to have our traditional Friday Noggin, at the Surf Restaurant (THE SURF RESTAURANT & BAR, 3199 S Fletcher Ave, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034).  We will start the Noggin (and it is open to any and all Morgan car enthusiasts, MOGSouth or otherwise) from 6PM and go until . . .

Folks can eat or drink (and pay on their own!!) as they see fit!!  Just, please be careful with drinking and driving!!

SATURDAY (2 March) 8:30 AM – 1 PM The traditional Amelia ‘Cars and Caffeine’ event will be held once again on the same golf course holes as the Sunday Concours. I understand they have increased the number of allowable Morgans from only 5 to 15 for just 2024 (A one-time good deal!) as the MMC factory may be participating and bringing something new for us to see (the new Super3 three-wheeler?) 

I personally have a problem with this limitation. I am not going to tell someone in MOGSouth they can go while others in MOGSouth are told they cannot.  I told Amelia it has to be all of us, or none of us.  So MOGSouth will not participate next year.  If you don’t like this position, tell me via an email, I serve at the entire membership’s pleasure. 

As I understand it, there are special rendezvous places and lunches planned for Saturday 2 March.  I haven’t been informed of the details, so . . .

SUNDAY (3 March) 09:30 AM – 4:30 PM – The Amelia Island Concours

17 Dec

Hot Off the Press!! 2024 Amelia Island Updates

Through the efforts of our Daytona Florida Morgan Dealer, Christopher John Ltd., the Morgan Factory will be sponsoring an exhibit on Saturday, 2 March as part of the Amelia Island Cars and Caffeine event.  

As has been published before, MOGSouth is committed to the Classic Motorsports Kickoff event on Friday (1 March) afternoon. However, now that we have confirmed that the Morgan Motor Company factory is coming to Amelia for the 2 March event, we want to be sure you knew. Just in case you are inclined to sign up for both the Friday, 1 March Kickoff, and the Saturday, 2 March Cars and Caffeine event.

However, there will be no limitation re: number of cars for the Friday event, space for the Saturday event is limited and you may be turned away. It is a 1st come, 1st served sort of thing. So Register now!

If you are already registered for the Friday event, your registration is still valid and you will still be charged (unless you cancel.)

Let me reiterate!! Space for the Cars and Caffeine (2 March) is severely limited!! If you plan on attending the Friday (1 March) event and can stay through Saturday (2 March) or live close by, and want to see the factory exhibit, please join the MMC Factory at the (2 March) Amelia Concours Cars & Caffeine event, but Register now!

Cars & Caffeine show time; 2 March 2024, 9 AM to 4 PM 

Here’s how you get to the Cars & Caffeine registration.            

1. Go to  entrant.hagerty.com site.

2. That should get you to an Amelia Concours weekend page site.    Find and click on,  Show 2 sub-events

3. The second one is Cars & Caffeine, open and fill out a rather overly detailed entry form. 

You will need a bunch of information and photos.  Vin#, chassis # (Probably the same #), Insurance Company, Ins Co policy#, some descriptions (adlib them), and Photos  

Contact Rick Frazee at 407-620-0507, I might be able to help.

Space is limited!

12 Dec

MOGSouth – Southern Region – St Petersburg Motor Classic at the St Pete Yacht Club, St Petersburg, FL (4 February)

Dear Motoring Friends,

As you know last year was it was the turn of Morgan Cars as our featured Marque, and it was very well received and an education to many attendees. We worked hard, some things worked well, others not so, but we learn from every show.

The show returns on Feb 4th, 2024 same location. This year Alfa Romeo are the featured marque, I would love to invite all Morgan owners to attend and if enough entries are made I will create a Morgan “Club” Category so all your cars can be displayed and judged together. You can register online at stpetemotorclassic.com. Please enter as Group 310 Car Clubs Other. (If you prefer you can also enter your car in the relevant year and type groups).

Best regards


Andy Evans, Chairman & Event Organizer
stpetemotorclassic@gmail.com, www.stpetemotorclassic.com

08 Dec

MOGSouth – Southern Region Holiday Party (6-7 Dec) Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Southern Region’s 2023 Holiday Party in Fort Lauderdale FL, on 6 Dec, was a huge success! A big thank you to Jonathon Hoyes, who made it all happen. Some 25 MOGSouth members and their families attended the atypical Holiday dinner at The Field Irish Pub & Eatery. No fancy table clothes or linen napkins, just Morgan comradery and holiday spirit (maybe a bit too much spirit for me??)

The Pub was superb, the private room delightful, the staff attentive, and our meals were all delicious. On Thursday we visited an automotive restoration workshop and drooled over the work in progress. The only downside for us anyway, was the drive home through the south Florida traffic.

It was wonderful to see everyone and I wish all a very happy holiday season! Now we push on into the new year and see just what unknown adventures await us all!!

Happy Holidays,