09 May

2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet – Report from the Field

Contrary to common belief, at least by those in Florida

that the world is flat . . .

it isn’t.

It really is somewhat hilly or rolling with green trees and farmer’s fields, accentuated by sporadic bands of colors (e.g.  the reds, pinks, whites and yellows) provided by the blooming wildflowers along the roadway.

The weather was clear and in the 70s. Cloudless skies and no humidity!

Absolutely glorious and with the top down on the Morgan .  .  . darn near perfection!  This is why we have this car!!

Good thing it was such a pretty drive because it was a long way for us from Florida.  It took us a good two days.

Most of the Florida contingent, of those attending the 2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet in Franklin Tennessee, were scattered across Florida so a convoy both days was problematic.  We decided to all proceed from home on our own and meet up at a designated rendezvous point en route.  We chose Columbus Georgia / Phenix City Alabama as that rendezvous point.  (Other Floridians had planned to join us but life got in the way.)   That begs the question.  “Is there life outside of Morgan??”

We eventually had three in our group. Tom and Kathy Coryn in their wonderful 2005 Aero 8, Mark and Andrea Braunstein in the newly acquired 2005 Roadster, and Peter McManemy in his lovely 1998 ‘gun metal gray’ Plus 8.  (Other folks from Florida charted their own paths to Franklin.)  Upon arrival to Columbus, we cleaned up, then met in the bar and then headed to dinner together.  Day one was long but enjoyable, until things shifted left.

Andrea’s Dad who is in Memory Care, near where we live, took a fall and had to be hospitalized.  This necessitated that Andrea rent a car in Columbus and head back to Orlando to assist her father.  As it turns out, he is diabetic and the fall was likely due to a blood sugar drop.  Her Dad is 93 years old and can’t really fend for himself so Andrea’s presence back in Orlando was necessary.  I, on the other hand, was deemed useless and should go on to Franklin.

So on the second day of travel to Franklin, Andrea headed to Orlando and I motored on with the MOGSouth convoy to Franklin.  Again pretty roads, lovely weather and the top down.

We stopped for lunch in Guntersville Alabama.  As we travelled through Guntersville something seemed odd.   Bits and pieces looked vaguely familiar.  I couldn’t remember being there until I passed a place where I got Propane and remembered the green 1985 Propane Plus 8 I rescued a few years back.  This car was being pursued by several MOGSouth members but in the end it was rejected by all.  So I bought it.

This car was converted to gasoline and eventually sold to my good friend Richard Ihns.  As I understand it, he is now knee deep is a full restoration of the car in Clayton Georgia.   When we came out from lunch there were folks looking at our cars and remarked they had just ‘texted’ a friend who used to own a green Propane Plus 8.  Small World.

We arrived in Franklin Tennessee to a hotel full of Morgans and Morgan folks. Folks we haven’t seen in a good while, e.g. John and Carolyn Wade, Cynthia Speetjens, Ron and Libby Davis and many more.  A great turnout!   There were 4/4s, Plus 4s, Roadsters, Plus 8s, Aero 8s and even a new Three Wheeler (M3W) in the parking lot.   There was some concern that Franklin TN was too far west  and we wouldn’t have anyone attend?  Well, attendance was not a problem!  Most of us found dinner at the adjacent sports bar, Jonathons.   It was nice but very loud.

The Nashville Predators Hockey Team was playing in the early rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and they were on all the silly TV screens and the place was full of local fans.  Yes, very loud.  We went back to the hospitality suite as soon as we could.  Who’d of thought of the MOGSouth gaggle as quiet??

We couldn’t stay up too late as the plan for Saturday had us all participating in the local Cars and Coffee.  And, it started way too early.  We got there and parked. Quite a crowd and the Morgans made a big impression on the local Nashville British Car Club.  Good thing McDonalds was right there.   We brought the cars, but it was the Coffee.

After a bit we gathered up the Morgans and the MOGSouth crew and motored on.  Franklin is just lovely.  We were told that those that supposedly live in Nashville (e.g. the big Country Music stars, etc.) most likely really live in Franklin.  Understandable, simply gorgeous.  We passed Tim McGraw and Faith Hills’ estate, now for sale . . . any interest???  Then found our way to Mike Wolfe’s warehouse (Mike is the star of The American Pickers on TV’s History Channel) and saw a few items Mike had featured on the show.  Quite a bit of rusty stuff but still interesting.

Then it was lunch.  A choice off the chalk board, and then another run to more sites.  The afternoon offered the Lane Auto Museum, local shopping or a nap. I opted for the nap as I had been battling the pollen or the start of a cold or some such.  Very good choice.  Felt much better afterwards.

We then drove to dinner at a wonder Italian restaurant, a local favorite and they were ready for us, with a long expansive table along the window.  Wonderful!  Then back to the hotel for more hospitality room.

Unfortunately the weekend ended on Sunday with Breakfast and goodbyes at the hotel. The traveling trio from Florida was down to two, with Peter opting to find his own route to meet up with friends along the way home.  Tom Coryn and I drove back and again the weather was lovely and, of course, the top was down.  We found a hotel after a good day’s drive and went to bed early.  It was good to wind down after such a great weekend.   Then came Monday.

Again great roads and short diversion to  Wakulla Springs.   That’s a pretty place and offers lots of opportunities for future Morgan outings.

Then I was home.  It was good to be home, however I somehow wished I was still out and about.   The 2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet was one not to have missed and I really didn’t want it to end.  I had my newly acquired 2005 Roadster and I think I finally bonded with all the foreign switchology and new fangled gadgets.   Driving a Morgan over these roads, in this weather, was the what and why of these cars.  Seeing MOGSouth friends is always great and this meet brought out some we haven’t seen for a while.

If you were there, you know what I mean.  If not, I’m sorry and you should be too.

See you all in in the Fall!!


25 Apr

2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet – Last Minute Notes

Well I think we’re ready for ya’ll! We are excited to have you coming to our town. I just got off the phone with the Local British Car Club President. He’s pulling all stops to get as many members to the local Cars and Coffee. He’s expecting a big turnout, and we are to be a big part of it.

That being said he’s also setting aside an area for us and suggests our getting there around 7AM if possible. I know everyone will be tired after two days of driving but I told him I’d throw it out there. We’ll discuss it Friday at the Hospitality Suite at the hotel.

Safe travels! To repeat myself, we are really excited to have you all here!!
Warmest regards,

Tom Perkins

24 Apr

Cars On Kiawah (21 April 2018) – Report from the Field

The Kiawah event really wasn’t a MOGSouth Club event, but with the number of MOGSouth club members showing cars or just attending made it seem so.

The show field was adjacent to a golf course but didn’t appear, to me anyway, to be on an actual part of the course. No sand traps or greens to avoid. And the weather was superb. Cool, in the low seventies.  A perfect day to look at classic cars and enjoy nature.

Not really a Concours so a bit less formal.  Less stress.  I liked it.  More of high end cars and coffee.  But it was a big show.  They shut down registration at 280 cars.  I can understand the appeal.  Kiawah Island is a jewell.  Overhanging trees and winding roads that give way to marsh lands and open water.  Very, very scenic.

The Morgan marque was well represented on the field, with four 4 Wheelers, and two new Three Wheelers.

We brought the Series 1 Drop Head Coupe Pre Production Prototype up from Florida and John Bigler brought down his eye catching 2 Seater Series 1 with Cycle fenders.  I was in the British Group but John was grouped with the Race Cars.  Must of been the knobby tires as spares?? Gives off that ‘hill climb’ aura.   Having two Series 1s on the same show field is pretty special.

The other two 4 Wheelers were a wonderful yellow Moss Box Plus 8 (with an engine? swap) and Don Smith’s later model Roadster (2012/2013??).  This Roadster is not one of the 2005 bunch, rather it is the product of Dennis Glavis’ efforts out at MorganWest.  Very pretty car.

There were also several other MOGSouth members there that showed cars other than their Morgans.  Gordon and Sue King were there but chose to show their GT40 recreation in the Gulf Oil Livery and a wonderful Porsche 356.   Robert and Rosalind Minkhorst were also there but the Plus 8 stayed in the garage while Robert showed his wonderful Triumph 2000.

A number of other MOGSouth club members, not showing cars, came by.  Ken and Pat Kreuzer came down from Summerville, SC.   Mark Lloyd (a friend of the club without a current Morgan) was there.  Lee and Trisha Gaskins from Spartanburg, SC came by to say hello.

A few awards (ribbons) were given out.  Mostly Clubs awarding their own members or celebrities (Dennis Gage was there) identifying cars they liked.  Then we all dispersed for the afternoon.

Andrea and I put the DHC into the trailer and we took the trailer back to the hotel parking lot.  We left it there and went over the Minkhorst’s lovely home for an ‘after show’ beer.  Their home is on Kiawah Island with lovely views of the water and surrounding marshlands.  According to Robert they are in Kiawah more frequently than in their home in Atlanta.  I can certainly understand why.

Then it was back to the hotel to get some rest.  We had an early morning to make the run back to Orlando, with a lunch stop to see the Bernaths in Jacksonville.  A busy weekend but really good fun!!

Highly recommended to those with a yearning for the South Carolina Islands.

Cheers, Mark

PS.  See you in Nashville next week.

05 Apr

2018 MOGSouth Spring Meet (Franklin, Tennessee) 27 – 29 April, 2018 – Final Update

I can’t tell how excited we are to have you here in Historic Franklin!!

Just as a reminder the MOGSouth Spring Meet will be held 27 – 29 April, 2018 in Franklin Tennessee.  See previous posts for hotel information and added itinerary information.

My initial itinerary pretty much stays the same but I’ve added a few specifics.  The Hampton Inn your staying at has great parking for trailers. Our hospitality area is their breakfast lounge. VERY comfortable! It will as normal be open before and after dinner each evening.

Next to the hotel is Jonathan’s Restaurant and just to the left up the hill are a few more otpions.   Kona, Kings (sports bar),  Conners Restaurant (a little higher class – steaks and seafood) and a little further down is the Cheesecake Factory.

Mike Wolfe’s (TV’s Pickers fame) Mini Museum is still under construction but we will be parking there for lunch.  Hopefully, more.

After we return from the ride we’ll go back to the Hampton. For those not going to the museum it will give you a couple of hours to shop,explore Franklin.

For those going to the Lane Museum you are in for a real treat!  If you’ve been to Amelia Island Concours you will recognize some of the cars.   Please google the”Lane Car Museum” if you are on the fence about going.

All of this will be in your meet package upon arrival.

Please feel free to call me with any questions.  Tom Perkins, 615-406- 9311, Tom@teamperkins.com

Safe travels!

Your hosts:  Tom Perkins, (Other friends helping Ian, Tony and Rick)


PS: the Hampton does serve breakfast


26 Mar

GatorMOG’s 2018 Spring Noggin in the Villages

The Villages . . . who’d have thought!  Isn’t it just a bunch of golf courses and golf carts?  That’s what I had in my head . . . and I was quite surprised.

The Noggin attendees came from all over central Florida. Roadsters, Plus 8s, an Aero 8 and even a Plus 4.  Some even brought friends (Brian and Thery King).

After a quick meeting at a convenient recreation center we drove over to the Rose Plantation for lunch.

The Rose Plantation is a beautiful restaurant in a historic mansion, located right on a picturesque lake.  A wonderful meal in a lovely setting.  A great start to the weekend!


We then proceeded to the Villages Equestrian Center and the Polo Field.  It is Polo season and the crowds were there.  We parked adjacent to the field and had a perfect tailgating spot just across the street, right next to the playing field.  You could feel the ground shake as the horses galloped by.   Thanks Allan.   And, we did participate in the half-time ritual of stomping the divots.   So we got a little exercise as well.

The ladies provided us with a colorful array of fashion (it showed we had class?)   ‘Special’ hats were de rigueur and the imaginative and personally created hat of Christine Bycroft was deemed the best of the lot.

We also had a few small tables with plates of nibbles and a few bottles of wine.  (Not that the beer (golf) cart wasn’t patronized.)  The weather was exquisite . . . warm, dry and not a cloud in the sky.  We know the Florida summer is coming but it wasn’t here just yet. Glorious!!   And, as is to be expected, the cars attracted a number of photographers and we did answer quite a few questions.    A lovely way to enjoy an afternoon in the spring.

Then it was off to the Country Club for dinner.  Another stunning facility set in another picturesque spot.  Lots of lakes, grass, flowers, and impeccable views.

After a day of running around the Villages, I can now see the attraction.  The Villages does attract a good number of folks  . . . at some points, it was actually a bit crowded.  I had one too many close calls with irreverent golf carts and parking at the hot spots in town was mostly impossible.

Driving around the Villages is tricky. The place is large and expansive and there are lots of golf carts.  Florida is known for straight and flat roads (sometimes boring) but the Villages has its own solution . . . roundabouts.  And, they are everywhere.  In hindsight, they keep the traffic moving and proved much better than stop lights.

After dinner we walked into the local ‘town’ center to partake of the evening’s live concert for dancing and drinks  on the square.   More drinking than dancing I think, but none the less, very enjoyable.

Saturday was a day of sites.  We saw the various ‘towns’ already created within the Villages and a new one being created.  Each ‘town’ with its own charm and amenities.  Quite something.   One recreation center we visited was a bit of a homage to the military, called the Eisenhower Regional Recreation Center. It was really a bit of a museum.

The number of houses sold each month and the sheer expanse of the Villages complex with the recreation centers, golf courses, activities, shops and restaurants in each of the ‘towns’ is beyond belief.   Live bands in three locations every night?  Wow!

A great GatorMOG Noggin and a superb way to start the Morgan season in Florida.   A big thanks to Allan and Mary Ann Rae for being our hosts.

(Photos Courtesy of Brian King)

19 Mar

Caffeine & Octane at the Beach, Jekyll Island, GA – 17 March 2018 (Report from the Field)

We started out from Jacksonville, Fl. in our Morgan at 6:30 AM at 42 degrees with side curtains only for a one-and-a-half-hour drive to Jekyll Island to enter the show before the 9 AM cut off.  The show was for all classes of car and motorcycles about 200 total.  There were many custom cars present and many workshops about building cars.  The workshops required additional prepaid passes to attend.  Show attendance was very high from 9 to about 4 PM.

British cars shown at the show consisted of a Bug eye Sprite, Tr-6, Allard, and our Morgan.  Apparently not too many people at this show had seen a Morgan so the interest was very high between young and old.   The younger crowd like the traditional lines and older folks remembered what it was like driving in the older open cars.

Since I was trading car stories with the guys, Karen found a new friend wearing green as seen in the pictures.

There were old motorcycles and custom bikes with the large front wheel along with a group of new three wheelers.  Is this what the Morgan three-wheeler may look like in the future?

Many of the custom cars were works of art and the paint jobs were outstanding.  The variety of vehicles ranged from the “Thing” by VW.  A model T Ford camper.  Bronco beach buggy.  A Sea Ray car drivable on the road.

My favorite car was a 1955 Cadillac 4 door customized and lowered which had two 3 inch by 8 inch wide tail pipes coming out from under the rear bumper with 2 spark plugs in each pipe.  Inside the trunk were 2 propane cylinders.  At the flip of a switch he could turn on the propane and ignite it producing a ball of flame which he said could burn the leaves of the palm trees.  That is impressive!  Would it be great to have that option to use on the guy who is riding on your bumper?

Weather was great all day and the evening drive back to Jacksonville was warm and fun.

Chuck & Karen Bernath

16 Mar

The GatorMOG Spring Noggin at the Villages (23/24 Mar) Is Right Around the Corner!!

The GatorMOG Spring Noggin at the Villages is coming up fast.   See you there!!

Hopefully you have all the logistics worked out, e.g. Pet Sitter, Hotel Reservation, etc.   If not, the Hotel information is below.   (We can’t help you with the Pet Sitter!)   There still may be a few rooms left at the discounted rate.

Holiday Inn Express at 1205 Avenida Central, The Villages FL 32159.Click on the link below to make reservations under the ‘Morgan South’ Group.  The nightly rate of $129.00 (doesn’t include taxes).

Hotel Reservation Link

We are starting the event on Friday, 23 March, so that we can take in the Polo match at the villages.  First we will have lunch and then proceed to the match.   We were going to tailgate at the Polo fields but they are no longer open to us, so we will visit some place special and then go to the field.

Make sure you are appropriately attired for Polo.   The ladies are asked to  wear Silly Stylish Hats.  There is no hope for the men being stylish however . . .

Friday – 23 March 2018

(11:15am) Meet at Rohan Recreation Centre at the south end of the Villages Hwy 44 & Morse Blvd for Coffee, Tea, and Juice.
(12:00am) Depart to ??? for Lunch
(??:??am) Lunch somewhere.  *** Ladies must wear Silly Stylish Hats (This is Polo of Course!) ***
(??:??pm) Depart Polo field to hotel
(??:??pm) Depart for dinner Glenview Golf and Country Club (casual).
– After Dinner Depart Country Club for Hotel. Park Morgans
– Walk to ‘Spanish Springs’ town square for live music and drinks and dancing.
(9:00pm) Depart back to hotel

Saturday – 24 March 2018

(9:30 am) Depart Hotel. Drive through Spanish Springs
(10:00am) Travel to Sumter Landing (Park Morgans. Walking tour (~1 hour).
(11:15am) Lunch Sumter Landing (location TBD).
(12:30pm) Depart for Brownwood Town
– Arrive at Eisenhower Recreation Centre for Tour (~30 Mins)
(2:00pm) Depart Eisenhower Centre to Brownwood Town Square
(2:10pm) Arrive Brownwood. Short Stop (~30 Mins)
– Depart travel to new town – Finney
– Visit New Recreation Centre. Afternoon drinks and short nature walk (coffee).
(5:00pm) Depart home or Hotel (people staying visit town square for music, dancing and dinner.).

12 Mar

MOGSouth / GatorMOG Regalia – Now Available !!

After getting lots of requests for club regalia, we have finally listened and engaged ‘Fourth Gear LTD’ to provide the MOGSouth / GatorMOG Morgan community with regalia services.

Here is a link to their web site.    Fourth Gear LTD 

You can see that they provide this regalia service for lots of other British Car Clubs.

MOGSouth has paid to have our club logos digitized and placed into their ‘Car Club Logo’ library.   They also have a library of ‘British Marques’ which includes Morgan wings and  Morgan Script, and a library of ‘British Cars’ include the cowled grill Plus 4 (in either a top up or top down configuration) as well as a Three Wheeler.

If there is an image or logo you want and don’t see let us at MOGSouth know.  If there is sufficient interest, we may be willing to have the image digitized and made available to the membership in the future.

The process is simple.  Go to their web site.  Pick a logo or other image from the libraries and place it in your shopping cart. Then select a regalia item, e.g. shirt or wine tote or whatever and place that item in your shopping cart.   The regalia item price includes the embroidery unless something special is being requested.

As I understand it, simple things like colors can be changed, etc.  If you have relatively simple requests or ‘special instructions’ to add to your order, there is a ‘Notes’ field you can use to specify your desires.

If there is something complicated that you want like logo size changes or location of the embroidery (e.g. big logos on  the back), use their ‘Request Information’ button to ask questions about your specific needs.  Some things may not be doable with their current equipment.  (FYI, the standard embroidery location is on the left chest of the shirt.)

Also, I believe they have, or will source different regalia items for you, e.g. denim shirts and sweatshirts.  If you don’t see what you want, just ask.

Note –  due to the complexity of the GatorMOG logo there is an additional charge when it is selected.  It also is a bit too big to fit nicely on a cap.   It is also recommended that it go onto a sturdy material to reduce the risk of puckering.

Let me know if you have issues or problems (or just have comments.)

Cheers,  Mark

12 Mar

2018 MOGSouth Spring Noggin & Cars and Coffee at Amelia Island – 9 /10 March

Another Huge Turnout and A Great MOGSouth Weekend Event!!


The Friday (9 March)  MOGSouth Noggin at Sliders Seaside Grill in Fernandina Beach, FL was great fun.  The restaurant again gave us the first floor area right inside the entrance.

This was perfect for us and we pretty much filled the space.    A great crowd of MOGSouth members (and Morgan friends) came to the Noggin and joined us.

Unfortunately we missed a few of our normal stalwarts (David C., Norris H., Ellis K., Rick F., John S., Ray M., Jim B., etc.)   Family conflicts, the ongoing Porsche events or other things just got in the way.  It happens.  They were with us in spirit so we raised a glass for them.

While we missed some, we welcomed others.   Lots of new faces.  And we had folks coming from far a field.  Folks from Ohio, Mississippi, Missouri, Georgia, North & South Carolina and of course, a good number from Florida.

We ate and drank and ate some more.  This year, something new, the dessert menu was in an old slide disc viewer (View Master?)  Push the lever down to get the next image (next menu item.)  We all got a big kick out of that but few actually still had room for dessert.

Once again, in their wisdom, the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance organizers compressed the weekend, and moved the Concours to Saturday.  The feared Sunday rain. (They should have known better than to listen to the local TV broadcasters.  There was no rain until Sunday night, nor was there any last year, when they did the same thing.)

This meant the Cars and Coffee, as well as the Concours would be held on the same day. Makes things a bit crowded and congested and I have to believe screws up a lot of folks logistics.  Hotel reservations, airline flights, show car arrival times, etc.

Regardless, our plans came off with minimal trauma (although Saturday morning came a bit too early!!)

The Morgans all met at the Surf Restaurant along A1A, at 07:30am Saturday morning.  The restaurant was being renovated so the parking lot was mostly empty.  Then we traveled in convoy to the Cars and Coffee site.  Going into the Cars and Coffee site as a group ensures we are parked together.  If we went in independently we would be parked all over the place.

This year, the organizers wanted us to leave prior to 1:30pm (or to stay to the end of the Concours.)  It would appear they were a bit afraid of the masses leaving the Cars and Coffee, in vehicles, would prove a bit dangerous for the masses leaving the Concours, as pedestrians.

This didn’t really materialize so folks left the Cars and Coffee as they wanted.  We all left around 3:00.  We had a great turnout of Morgans on the field with Roadsters, Plus 8s, 4/4, Aero 8s and even a new, 2017, M3W.  Our display, as always, attracted a big crowd and we spent much of the time answering questions from the attendees.

There were also quite a few Morgan owners and MOGSouth members, unfortunately sans Morgans, that came by to say hello.  Tony Mclaughlin, Bob Wilson, Stu Mosbey,  Gordon King, Ian Levitt and many more whose names I cannot remember (sorry!)

All in all, another tremendous MOGSouth weekend.  The weather was superb, the cars were all expertly displayed and everyone was quite happy with the weekend.  Lots of discussions about the new Morgans announced at Geneva and lots of discussions about road trips and other MOGSouth planned events.   It looks like the MOGSouth year is off to a great start!!!

See you down the road . . .  Mark.