20 Jan

2024 MOGSouth (Eastern Region) Spring Gathering

2024 MOGSouth (Eastern Region) Spring Gathering Planning in Work. Plan on Jun 6 – 9 in Morganton, NC. Negoiatiations with the Morganton Fairfield Inn are underway and details will be published very soon. A scenic drive around Lake James with a lunch stop and visit to a large local classic car collection is planned. This collection is something you will not want to miss!!

Note, we call this an Eastern Region gathering but in reality, anyone is welcome (MOGSouth or other!!). Just be sure to let me know if you’ll likely be there!

I have already heard from many expressing interest but please respond to this email if you plan to attend or not.  This will give me numbers for the hotel and restaurants. Thanks,  

Best regards and happy motoring, Erik (ejordan@mossmarlow.com)

15 Jan

2024 MOGSouth Noggin (All Regions) Fernandina Beach (1 March) – Latest Updates (15 Jan 04)

Folks, it looks like the Amelia Island Concours weekend will be a busy one.  And all the activities and events scheduled have confused a few folks, trust me – I have gotten emails and phone calls!! Let me try to help!!

FRIDAY (1 March) 1 – 5PM the ‘Classic Motorsports Kickoff’ presented by Sunoco.  This event is a ‘Cars and Coffee’ type of event but unlike the Saturday (2 March) Amelia ‘Cars and Caffeine’ Event (also a Cars and Coffee type of event) Morgans are not limited in the number of cars that could participate.  The Amelia event limited us to only 5 Morgans the last few years.

The Friday Event, the ‘Classic Motorsports Kickoff’ presented by Sunoco promises us no limitations (now or in the future!), all Morgans arriving together will be parked together and a special award for Morgans only.

In order to arrive together (and allowing folks to find this new location) we will rendezvous at the Surf Restaurant as we have in the past at 1215PM and leave for the ‘Classic Motorsports Kickoff’ promptly at 1230 PM.  

The ‘Classic Motorsports Kickoff’ finishes at 5PM and this allows us to have our traditional Friday Noggin, at the Surf Restaurant (THE SURF RESTAURANT & BAR, 3199 S Fletcher Ave, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034).  We will start the Noggin (and it is open to any and all Morgan car enthusiasts, MOGSouth or otherwise) from 6PM and go until . . .

Folks can eat or drink (and pay on their own!!) as they see fit!!  Just, please be careful with drinking and driving!!

SATURDAY (2 March) 8:30 AM – 1 PM The traditional Amelia ‘Cars and Caffeine’ event will be held once again on the same golf course holes as the Sunday Concours. I understand they have increased the number of allowable Morgans from only 5 to 15 for just 2024 (A one-time good deal!) as the MMC factory may be participating and bringing something new for us to see (the new Super3 three-wheeler?) 

I personally have a problem with this limitation. I am not going to tell someone in MOGSouth they can go while others in MOGSouth are told they cannot.  I told Amelia it has to be all of us, or none of us.  So MOGSouth will not participate next year.  If you don’t like this position, tell me via an email, I serve at the entire membership’s pleasure. 

As I understand it, there are special rendezvous places and lunches planned for Saturday 2 March.  I haven’t been informed of the details, so . . .

SUNDAY (3 March) 09:30 AM – 4:30 PM – The Amelia Island Concours

17 Dec

Hot Off the Press!! 2024 Amelia Island Updates

Through the efforts of our Daytona Florida Morgan Dealer, Christopher John Ltd., the Morgan Factory will be sponsoring an exhibit on Saturday, 2 March as part of the Amelia Island Cars and Caffeine event.  

As has been published before, MOGSouth is committed to the Classic Motorsports Kickoff event on Friday (1 March) afternoon. However, now that we have confirmed that the Morgan Motor Company factory is coming to Amelia for the 2 March event, we want to be sure you knew. Just in case you are inclined to sign up for both the Friday, 1 March Kickoff, and the Saturday, 2 March Cars and Caffeine event.

However, there will be no limitation re: number of cars for the Friday event, space for the Saturday event is limited and you may be turned away. It is a 1st come, 1st served sort of thing. So Register now!

If you are already registered for the Friday event, your registration is still valid and you will still be charged (unless you cancel.)

Let me reiterate!! Space for the Cars and Caffeine (2 March) is severely limited!! If you plan on attending the Friday (1 March) event and can stay through Saturday (2 March) or live close by, and want to see the factory exhibit, please join the MMC Factory at the (2 March) Amelia Concours Cars & Caffeine event, but Register now!

Cars & Caffeine show time; 2 March 2024, 9 AM to 4 PM 

Here’s how you get to the Cars & Caffeine registration.            

1. Go to  entrant.hagerty.com site.

2. That should get you to an Amelia Concours weekend page site.    Find and click on,  Show 2 sub-events

3. The second one is Cars & Caffeine, open and fill out a rather overly detailed entry form. 

You will need a bunch of information and photos.  Vin#, chassis # (Probably the same #), Insurance Company, Ins Co policy#, some descriptions (adlib them), and Photos  

Contact Rick Frazee at 407-620-0507, I might be able to help.

Space is limited!

12 Dec

MOGSouth – Southern Region – St Petersburg Motor Classic at the St Pete Yacht Club, St Petersburg, FL (4 February)

Dear Motoring Friends,

As you know last year was it was the turn of Morgan Cars as our featured Marque, and it was very well received and an education to many attendees. We worked hard, some things worked well, others not so, but we learn from every show.

The show returns on Feb 4th, 2024 same location. This year Alfa Romeo are the featured marque, I would love to invite all Morgan owners to attend and if enough entries are made I will create a Morgan “Club” Category so all your cars can be displayed and judged together. You can register online at stpetemotorclassic.com. Please enter as Group 310 Car Clubs Other. (If you prefer you can also enter your car in the relevant year and type groups).

Best regards


Andy Evans, Chairman & Event Organizer
stpetemotorclassic@gmail.com, www.stpetemotorclassic.com

08 Dec

MOGSouth – Southern Region Holiday Party (6-7 Dec) Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Southern Region’s 2023 Holiday Party in Fort Lauderdale FL, on 6 Dec, was a huge success! A big thank you to Jonathon Hoyes, who made it all happen. Some 25 MOGSouth members and their families attended the atypical Holiday dinner at The Field Irish Pub & Eatery. No fancy table clothes or linen napkins, just Morgan comradery and holiday spirit (maybe a bit too much spirit for me??)

The Pub was superb, the private room delightful, the staff attentive, and our meals were all delicious. On Thursday we visited an automotive restoration workshop and drooled over the work in progress. The only downside for us anyway, was the drive home through the south Florida traffic.

It was wonderful to see everyone and I wish all a very happy holiday season! Now we push on into the new year and see just what unknown adventures await us all!!

Happy Holidays,

29 Nov

2024 MOGSouth (All Regions) Spring Kickoff at Amelia Island, FL (1 Mar)

As you probably knew, we, MOGSouth, participated as a Club in the Amelia Island Concours Cars and Coffee event on Saturday.  After a few years we understood the rules and were able to bend them to our advantage and create a MOGSouth annual event.  This evolved into a MOGSouth noggin, somewhere in Fernandina Beach, on Friday evening, followed by a Morgan group of 15 – 20 cars, all parked together, at the Cars and Coffee event, on Saturday Morning. 

The Hagerty purchase of the Amelia Concours ended our activities as they limited Morgan participation at the Cars and Coffee to only 5 cars.  The crews of only 5 cars were insufficient to justify the Friday Evening noggin, nor really a group of Morgans on Saturday.  So, we cancelled our participation and haven’t been back since. 

Well, this year there is a new event hosted by our publishing friends at Classic Motorcars, the Classic Motorsports Kickoff presented by Sunoco.  It is similar, but better, to the prior Cars and Coffee event but is on Friday afternoon 1 March, 1 PM until 5 PM.  (The Friday afternoon timing eliminates the ‘crack of dawn’ rendezvous and should reduce the end of event traffic.)  This is perfect allowing us to resume our annual noggin Friday evening, at the Surf Restaurant, South Fletcher Ave, Fernandina Beach, at 6PM. (Noggin will start at 6PM and go until ??)  

We have expressed our willingness to participate in this new event, and they have agreed, without any limitations!!  The new event will be held just north of the Ritz Carlton hotel on A1A, Main Beach Park. 

All Morgans who register will be accepted.  (FYI,  there is a registration fee of 45$ per car.)  There are no fees for spectators.  They have also created a special Editor’s Choice Award for their favorite Morgan, and promised us that if we arrive together, we will have a designated Morgan parking area.  So, the Saturday Amelia Cars and Caffeine event has been eliminated from the MOGSouth Schedule, and we have inserted the Classic Motorsports Kickoff on Friday afternoon. 

The Friday noggin will be at the Surf Restaurant at 3199 S Fletcher Ave, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, following the Kickoff.  (6 PM – 9PM)  So that being said, mark your calendars for the Classic Motorsports Kickoff presented by Sunoco, and register for the event at the following link.  https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2024-classic-motorsports-amelia-island-kickoff-main-beach-park-168974

Some details about this event are provided below, however more details will be forthcoming but if you have questions feel free to contact me at Series1@cfl.rr.com

Cheers, Mark

WHEN:  Friday, March 1, 2024 1pm-5pm

WHERE:  Main Beach Park, Amelia Island, FL

ENTRY FEE: FREE for spectators Show Vehicle Registration Fee: $45

CAPACITY: Limited to 150 pre-registered cars.

About this event

We’re kicking off the Amelia weekend in style with the Classic Motorsports Amelia Island Kickoff presented by Sunoco! Our plan is to fill the green space of Main Beach Park, just a few miles north of the Ritz-Carlton, with awesome cars and great people. Along the way, we’ll send some of the classic car world’s biggest celebrities through the field awarding prizes to their favorite cars.

Spectator entry is free — just walk right in, with no registration required.

Vehicle entry price is $45, and all cars must pre-register online. No registrations will be accepted at the show gate.

View full event details, schedule, map and more at AmeliaKickoff.com

Event requirements

All entries must be accepted by our selection committee. To submit your vehicle for acceptance, register for the event. All new registrations will automatically be waitlisted until evaluated and approved or rejected by the committee. Your card will not be charged unless your vehicle is accepted. Upload a photo and details of your car during registration to improve your chances of being selected. 

Does this mean we won’t accept common cars? Not at all–we’ve actually made this change in order to increase the diversity of the cars at our show, as we want  to showcase the broadest range of vehicles possible.

What cars are we looking for? We’re looking for classic sports and luxury cars, muscle cars, newer exotics, classic 4x4s, and similar vehicles. 

Entrants must arrive between 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. for entry into the Amelia Kickoff. Vehicles will not be permitted to enter/exit the show between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

29 Nov

2024 MOGSouth (All Regions) Spring Noggin, 1 March, Fernandina Beach, FL

The new Classic Motorsports event at occur at Main Beach Park, (Just North of the Ritz Carlton Hotel on A1A.) Amelia Island, Friday 1 March, 1PM – 5 PM. MOGSouth will have their annual Spring Noggin right after this event (1 March 6Pm ??), at the Surf Restaurant, 3199 S. Fletcher Ave, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034. Watch this space for more details but do mark your calendars and we will see you in Amelia Island on 1 March.

Cheers, Mark

17 Nov

David Mikell Chiles – Nov 15, 2023

David Mikell Chiles – Nov 15, 2023

Another member of what I’d call the first generation of MOGSouth stalwarts has left us for more peaceful vistas.  David Chiles of Jamestown, NC, age 80, passed away on November 15, 2023 surrounded by his loving family.  

David Chiles at MOGSouth Holiday Party 2016

David and Sarah were long standing members of MOGSouth.  They were selected as Mother Courage Award recipients in 2003, some twenty years ago.  They instrumental in so many MOGSouth club events, holiday parties, rallies and drives throughout the scenic blue ridge and other wonderful places in the Carolinas, it would be impossible to list them all.  

David, a professional in the haberdashery business, was always impeccably dressed, that, and his eloquence was always on display.  When David talked, one would listen intently for fear of missing something earth shaking.  David loved his Morgans, both on the track and on the road.  He was successful numerous times vintage racing number 39 and his road cars were things of beauty. 

Each of his Morgan road cars were exquisitely restored, wonders to see and for me, real treasures.  I don’t know how many times I found myself drooling over his red Plus 8 which I tried to emulate with mine but fell short, way short!  David was a true friend and will be sincerely missed.  Mark

David Mikell Chiles Obituary as published online, follows. 

David Mikell Chiles

in the care of Hanes Lineberry Funeral Home

David Mikell Chiles of Jamestown, NC, age 80, passed away peacefully on November 15, 2023 surrounded by his loving family.  He had been in declining health for the past few years.  He was a member of Jamestown United Methodist Church.

The son of the late L.C. and Victoria Chiles of High Point, David was born in Knoxville, TN, and lived most of his life in High Point, NC.  Summers were spent in Little Switzerland, NC, where he served as president of the neighborhood association.

He is survived by his wife, Sarah, and two daughters, Angela Kemper (David) and Melissa Freeman (Doyle), and one sister, Dixie Burns (Dan). He loved his five grandchildren, Nick Freeman (Brittany), Brynn Freeman, Collin Kemper (Lidia), Paige Kemper, Cara Freeman; his great-grandson, Declan Freeman; and his many cousins, nephews, and nieces.

David was self-employed in the men’s apparel industry for over fifty years. He was active in the Men’s Apparel Club of the Carolinas, Inc. and served as vice president. He was known for his many friendships and loyalty to his customers and fellow colleagues throughout the southeast and beyond.

As an active member in the Triad Sports Car Club and the Morgan Sports Car Club, National and Southern groups, David loved planning weekend get-togethers in the mountains and drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  He enjoyed racing in the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association for many years and drove his Morgan to many victories.

Obituary of David Mikell Chiles

Funeral services will be 2:00 pm Monday, November 20, 2023 at Jamestown United Methodist Church. The family will receive friends and loved ones in the church fellowship hall immediately following the funeral service. David will be laid to rest in Floral Garden Park Cemetery in High Point prior to the funeral service.

The family would like to thank all the medical and support staff at Hospice of the Piedmont for their loving care and support.

Memorials may be directed to Hospice of the Piedmont, 1801 Westchester Drive, High Point, NC 27262.

Online condolences may be made at www.haneslineberryfhsedgefield.com.

10 Nov

Lee Oliver Gaskins, Jr.

It is really difficult for me to report that one of the most loved members of MOGSouth has passed away.  Lee Gaskins passed away on 8 November. 

Lee Gaskins was a MOGSouth member longer that I can remember and a tremendous friend.  Lee had an unmistakable sense of humor and was probably one of the most knowledgeable Morgan car enthusiasts I will ever know. 

He loved all those in the Morgan community and only his other passion, Tennis, could drag him away from a heady Morgan discussion at any one of our meets.  (The Wimbledon Championships always seemed to coincide with the annual DC MOG events (Morgan Owners Gatherings.))

Lee was my ‘go to’ guy for Morgan history.  If I had a question, I knew where to go for the answer.  He knew far more about the hot rod Morgan Super Sports, the car that won Le Mans, than I think the factory will ever know. 

When I lived in South Carolina, Lee and I were thick as thieves, and to be honest I was more than a willing participant.  I have vivid memories of transporting unobtainable Morgan parts for Lee in the back of my SUV.  Picking them up from wherever and transporting them back to his home in South Carolina.  He asked me to do it, as he didn’t want to let Trisha know he was buying more Morgan stuff!  She thought he had enough.  I was with Lee on this . . . can you ever have enough??

Their home was dedicated to and organized around Lee’s Morgans, both this road cars and his race cars.  Always a Morgan treasure trove to visit.  Really hard to describe . . . nothing short of a Morgan Museum. 

He will be missed, a MOGSouth member and a friend.  Someone we certainly cannot replace. 

Lee’s obituary, as posted in the Spartanburg, SC Herald-Journal is below.

Lee Oliver Gaskins Jr.

Lee Oliver Gaskins, Jr, 86 of Spartanburg, SC, passed away on November 8, 2023 in Johns Creek, GA.

Lee was born in Spartanburg, SC to Sarah Cordelia Cudd Gaskins and Lee Oliver Gaskins Sr on July 6, 1937. He went to school at Spartan High School. He graduated from Clemson University He served in the Army as a Captain. He married Patricia Curry on June 10, 1961 in Columbus, GA. During his career he worked for Liberty Mutual, AMF, Michigan Mutual, Amerisure and Zurich Insurance company. Lee was a member of Morningside Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC. Lee volunteered with Mobile Meals of Spartanburg and Habitat for Humanity.

Lee had a very dry sense of humor, loved to tell a good joke and was an animated storyteller. Lee could fix just about anything and loved to tinker in the garage with his beloved British cars. Lee was an avid tennis player.

Lee is preceded in death by his father, Lee Gaskins Sr, his mother, Sarah Cudd Gaskins, his sister, Nancy Gaskins Floyd and her husband James Wesley Floyd Jr and his sister-in-law Lark Calhoun Gaskins.

Lee is survived by his devoted wife, Trisha Gaskins, his loving children, Trey & LeAnne Gaskins, Georgia Gaskins Callis, Ken and Carolina Gaskins Ortloff, his dear siblings, Guerry and Sallie Gaskins Burnett, Dean and Judy Gaskins, David and Elizabeth Gaskins Barkley, and his eight wonderful grandchildren, Alexis Callis Willman, Katie Gaskins Smith, Anne Gaskins, Nicholas Callis, Emily Gaskins, Grace Gaskins, Ian Ortloff and Lilly Ortloff.

We will hold a celebration of life for Lee in Spartanburg, SC on Monday, November 20, 2023 from 1pm-3pm at Dean Gaskins’ Home 921 Murph Road, Pauline, SC 29374.

In lieu of flowers, donations can made to:

Mobile Meals of Spartanburg, 419 E. Main Street, Spartanburg, SC 29302

If you would like to send condolences, the address is:

Trisha Gaskins

5050 Kimball Bridge Road

Room 117

Johns Creek, GA 30005

Posted online on November 09, 2023

Published in Spartanburg Herald-Journal

23 Oct

2023 MOGSouth Southern Region Fall Noggin – (20-22 Oct) – The Lake Mirror Classic – Lakeland, FL, Report from the Field

24 Morgans were registered for this show and after a few medical emergencies, a logistical mishap and a few technical (?) anomalies, 20 Morgans were displayed on the Concours d’Elegance lawn at the Lake Mirror Classic in Lakeland Florida.  Not only that, but we also had a good many friends from other local British Car Clubs stop by to say Hi and drool, and two MOGSouth members, one without his car (a bit too far), and one who chose to bring Hot Rods to the show in stead (sacrilege?)

Morgans were selected as the featured ‘display’ marque at the show.  We were part of the Concours but not judged.  All of the good things about a Concours, without dealing with the ‘not so good’ things.  We were collocated on the lawn with the other Concours cars and right next to the show’s special exhibit, one of 12 fabulous GM Futurliners! 

The Lake Mirror Classic Concours and Car Show is really 4 car shows in one.  First, there is the Concours d’Elegance, with its ‘by invitation only’ examples of automotive art, second is the highly attended ‘Hot Rod Rendezvous’, an amazing collection or resto-mods and hot rods, third is the ‘Open Car Show’ which has taken over all streets of Lakeland with some 400 cars, and forth we have the action out on the water in Lake Mirror itself, with 6 finely polished Mahogany masterpieces and a half-dozen Amphicars.  There is something for everyone at this show!  That, and the weather was absolutely superb.  Low 80s, almost no humidity, a slight breeze and nary a cloud in the sky.  Absolutely superb!!

Photo Courtesy of Mike Palfreyman

The Morgan entrants, with others attending the Concours, were entertained at the Friday evening VIP reception, complete with disc jockey, dancing and live music, free drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres.  We all got catered lunches on Saturday and a lovely high ball glass with both the Morgan logo and the Lake Mirror Classic logo, as a souvenir.  Very nicely done! 

Photo Courtesy of Mike Palfreyman

Later after the car show, on Saturday evening, we had a MOGSouth group dinner at a highly rated restaurant.  We had a private room for the Morgan folks, and dedicated staff to address all of our needs.  We mostly all walked from the hotel as it was just a few blocks away, something less than a half mile.  Some illustrious types hijacked the hotels golf cart, and some (like me) took a private car.

Then a good number of Morgans (five I think) participated in the Sunday SCCA sanctioned rally.  The rally was a bit of a ‘treasure hunt’ sort of rally combined with a time-speed-distance sort of thing.  Some questions referenced older trivia, so the younger folks were challenged, and some clues were answered on small signs with small(er) lettering, ‘what did that sign say . . . Tiger Lilley Hot Tubs??,’ letting those with better eyes succeed, but all in all, good fun. 

A truly tremendous weekend for the South Region of MOGSouth.  A great turn out of fabulous Morgans, perfect weather and as always, an amazing group of people!!  We are thoroughly exhausted but ready to do it again!!  

Some comments from the membership.

  • MOGSouth event – It was nice to see everyone and their Morgans. The show was great too with many exquisite vehicles.’
  • ‘Lake Mirror – Thanks for organizing a really wonderful weekend!’
  • MOGSouth Lake Mirror Event – What a memorable Morgan weekend – a well-organized event’
  • ‘Lake Mirror – I thoroughly enjoyed getting together with all the MOG South/Gator folks.  Til the next time.’
  • MOGSouth / Lake Mirror – What a great weekend for our Morgan group.  Superbly organized. And the comradery makes Morgan ownership so much better. BTW, whoever picked the dinner location for last night (21 Oct) should get five stars.’

Cheers, Rick and Mark