04 Jan

More Hotels in Luray, VA for MCCDC’s 50th MOG Anniversary, 3-5 July 2020

The MCCDC’s 50th MOG (Morgan Owners Gathering) Anniversary is the headquartered at the Mimslyn Inn (401 W Main Str., Luray, VA 22835) over the 4th of July, 2020. The Morgan events will span Friday 3 July to Sunday 5 July.

The Mimslyn Inn is supposedly full and now working on a waiting list. Judy Heck got this list of other hotels in the Luray, VA area and suggested I pass it on to those of you also be looking for accommodations in Luray.

  • Laurance Hotel, (540) 742-7060, 4.5 stars
  • Mayneview B&B, (540) 669-5105, 4.8 stars
  • Luray Caverns Motel – East, (540) 743-6551, 4 stars
  • Quality Inn, (540) 743-6511, 3.4 stars
  • The Cardinal Inn, (540) 743-5010, 3.4 stars
  • The Inn of the Shenandoah, (540) 300-9777, 4.79 stars
  • Peabody’s ‘Hip Little Stay,’ (540) 742-0696, 4.9 stars
  • Hawksbill House, (540) 742-1553, 4.1 stars
  • Days Inn, (540) 742-4521, 3.2 stars
  • Budget Inn, (540) 742-5176, 3.1 stars
  • Luray B&B, (540) 743-4947, 4.0 stars
  • Woodruff House B&B, (540) 244-7588, 4.9 stars
  • South Court Inn B&B, (540) 843-0980, 4.7 stars
  • Ruffner House B&B, (540) 743-7855, 5.0 stars
  • Hillside B&B, (540) 743- 6322, 4.4 stars

Some of these might already be full, I don’t know and I have no specific knowledge of any of these other hotels, so I cannot make any suggestions. None of these is endorsed in anyway by MCCDC or MOGSouth so use you best judgement and check on line reviews best you can. Cheers, Mark

02 Jan

2020 MOGSouth Spring Meet, Little Switzerland, NC., 8 – 10 May

Lodging – The Meet Hotel is the Little Switzerland Inn. 86 High Ridge Rd, Little Switzerland, NC 28749.  FYI, Exit 334 off Blue Ridge Parkway

  • Our hosts (Jim and Colette Clark) have negotiated an amazing discount for each room ($20 per night off their normal starting prices of $169 per night), so be sure to make your reservations online at switzerlandinn.com using the group number 998642439836795 for the discount.  If you don’t use the group number, you won’t get the discount. 
  • It’s easy to book your room.  Simply go to the Inn’s web site and click Book Now (yellow button in the upper right of the screen)
  • Input 8 May as check in and 10 May as check out (unless you are arriving early or staying later!)
  • Select Advanced Search, select I have a Group Number, enter the Group Number.  Then hit GO. 
  • You’ll then be shown available room types and prices.  Select more info and you’ll be given the opportunity to select that room type that you want.

Note:  There is a ‘bug’ in the Switzerland Inn’s web site.  The room choices, after acceptance of the group number, all show an occupant limit of 1; this is a program glitch – ignore it.

Hospitality Room – The Hospitality Room will be in Balsam Cottage.  (Map of the grounds on the Inn’s website, if needed.)  The hospitality room will be open:

  • Friday: 4 – 6 and 7 – 10 PM
  • Saturday: 4 – 6 and 7 – 10 PM
  • Sunday: 8 – 9 AM

Activities – Friday Night Dinner is on your own.  FYI, If you choose to eat at the Switzerland Inn’s restaurant anytime during your stay (other than Saturday Night) you must make your reservations at the Main Desk in the Lobby.


  • 9 AM drive south on the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) 25 miles to the summit of Mt. Mitchell, 
  • 12 PM lunch at the Little Switzerland Inn
  • 1:30 PM drive north on the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) 20 miles to Linville Gorge
  • 6 PM dinner at the Inn in the”Chalet Restaurant” (FYI, Reservations for the entire MOGSouth Group have already been made. We’ll order off the menu and pay individually/charge to room.)
  • After dinner gathering either on the “Terrace” or alternately in the “Lobby”, depending on the weather.


  • 9 AM drive of the infamous DIAMONDBACK, which starts and ends at the Inn.  This drive takes 30 minutes.
10 Dec

2019 MOGSouth Holiday Party, 7 Dec, St Simons Island GA – Report from the Field

John and Debbie’s Roadster Outside the Wesley Cottage

John and Debbie Stanley were our hosts for the weekend and made all the magic come together seamlessly.  A monumental task!!  A big thanks from MOGSouth and all those that participated!! 

The Saturday morning trolley tour was a perfect review of the history and layout of St Simons Island.  Those that went were quite pleased with the synopsis and the weather was delightful, cool but not cold.  I heard many, many comments about the very cold and damp locations of past Holiday Parties.  It seemed like a good many prefer like the relative warmth that St Simons offers and that a Winter Wonderland is just not needed. 

Southern Georgia (Almost Florida!) in December

The Wesley Cottage, on the grounds of the King and Prince Resort, was again the location of the Hospitality Suite.  It was decorated for the season with holiday garland draped along the white picket fence with an illuminated Christmas Tree in the front yard!  The cottage itself offered a convenient and comfortable gathering spot for the club, with a full living room, a dining room, outside picnic table, a kitchen and a wet bar.  Pretty much everything we could have asked for.  Debbie and John went overboard with tasty treats, many Debbie baked or crafted herself, and a great selection of both hard and soft libations.  There were even food and drink options for the Gluten Free folks.  Wow!! 

The Hospitality Suite

banquet room was decorated for the season with a lit tree, fancy table center pieces and other festive bits.  And, the food was wonderful.  The banquet itself was far better than the normal rubber chicken and mashed potatoes.  The Nothing was cold and the staff assured us that nothing ran out.   Ham, turkey, gravy, stuffing, vegetables and on and on.  My plate was too small!   And, I didn’t even get desert!

The 2019 MOGSouth Holiday Party was great fun!! Lots of folks, coming from all over, an unexpectedly large turnout.  Larger than last year!!  We had Morgans everywhere, old and new, and some pretty ugly, but festive!!, sweaters.  I have to say my sweater, although I didn’t win any awards, was especially hideous.  Thanks Andrea!!   And, as fat as I am, just the shear expanse of ‘hideous’ magnified the effect, dare I say ‘immensely!’  I looked like something between Will Ferrell’s Elf character (what a terrible movie!) and an alligator (GatorMOG . . . get it??) with a jock strap.  But, in my defense, my sweater did have Morgan wings!!   The awards were justly given to some very, very clever sweaters.  It was obvious that a lot of time was put into their apparel.  Beautiful baskets of wonderful things!  I guess congratulations are in order, or would condolences be more appropriate? 

This year we tried to correct the failings of last year’s ‘ad hoc’ silent auction.   This year we planned it out from the start and once again Debbie and John did a masterful job of laying out the offerings with all the administrative bits necessary to make it work.  The silent auction items were arranged on tables in the banquet room, allowing everyone to circulate and bid on desired items.  Folks’ generosity was evident and the donations were truly terrific, and only a very few things were left, after the smoke cleared.   There was also a secret envelope game that surprised quite a few.

Ugly Sweater Awards. Connie Lipscomb – 1st, Mary Ann Rae – 2nd

As is the tradition, the MOGSouth Mother Courage Award was presented at the Holiday Party. This year’s award, 2019, went to Gary and Judy Heck.  Another very good choice of recipients.  We do have some wonderful people in this club!!   The large traveling award was presented following the dinner, but the smaller recipient award didn’t arrive in time.  We will mail it directly to the Hecks.  The smaller award is for them to keep however Gary and Judy’s name will be added to the large traveling award that will be passed on to future recipients. 

Mother Courage Awardees – Gary and Judy Heck

A few words of MOGSouth business and back to the Hospitality Suite for more Morgan and MOGSouth ‘comradery’ (e.g. drinking and cookies!)

A Holiday Party we will remember for a long time.  Again, thanks to everyone for coming and a special thanks to our hosts, John and Debbie Stanley, for making it so memorable!!!    

All Photos Courtesy of Allan Rae

02 Dec


Reprinted with the kind permission of the author and the Morgan Three Wheeler Club.  Previously published in the MOGSouth Newsletter (Vol 12, 2015)

The Club Christmas party was always enjoyable and this year Gary had an extra reason to be there. He stood in the garage proudly surveying his toys. On the right was his 1931 Aero Super Sports looking rather dusty and neglected, whilst today the recipient of his attention was the gleaming new 5 speeder.

Although he had tried to convince himself that he’d bought it to run alongside his old Aero, he had not looked at anything else for the last few weeks. He was hoping that the evening would be fine so that he could tum up in his new pride & joy.

The weather forecast was looking good so he did not even have to think about it when Barbara asked if he would mind if she didn’t accompany him. as she would really like to go with her sisters to the German market in the city. This of course would mean that she would need the BMW. Gary agreed as it gave him the excuse to arrive in style rather than a boring saloon car.

Gary made sure his new sheepskin jacket and leather helmet were squeaky clean as the day approached. The winter’s morn dawned with a hint of a watery sun coming up over the horizon. This was enough for him and as soon as he had breakfasted he opened the garage doors, carefully he removed the dust sheet unceremoniously dumping it in the Aero, pressing the aircraft type starter switch he eased the new car out onto the road.

Within minutes he was rushing along the road trying hard not to laugh out loud as his pleasure knew no bounds. After ten miles of ‘testing’ he turned for home and as soon as he had reversed into the garage set about wiping the bodywork down and applying a lick of polish Barbara brought him a cup of coffee and smiling, said ‘you’ll wear it out’. Taking the coffee he replied, ‘you have to admit, it’s a bit gorgeous’.

As evening approached, they got themselves ready for their respective evening trips. Barbara was first to leave, and Gary had already called his mate, Trevor, asking him to secure a parking space close to the front door of the pub so that he could show off his new pride and joy. He opened up the garage and jumped into the new trike. Switching on and uncovering the fancy starter switch he pressed the button. The engine spun over and that was it. It didn’t fire up. Trying again he got the same negative result. He checked the fuel which of course was how he had left it, almost full, checked plug leads and the multi-plug connections that seemed to surround the engine, everything seemed fine.

He assumed he had flooded it, so fetching his plug spanner from under the seat of the old Aero he was upset to find that it did not fit. By now he was getting rattled but eventually he found a long socket that just fit enough to remove the plugs. Both looked dry as well as being the right colour. Putting them back resulted in the spanner slipping and skinning his knuckles. This left a blood stain on his clean shirt.

The engine still refused to start and was turning over ever more slowly. As he jumped out he slipped and hit the floor with his knee, leaving a dirty mark on his trouser leg. At the next try the battery gave out and there he sat with no way of starting the device even if he had known what was wrong. Looking at his watch, which, to his chagrin now boasted a cracked glass, he saw that he was now late. I’ll just have to go in the BMW he murmured to himself until he remembered where Barbara had gone.

He sat for several minutes with his head in his hands quietly swearing until he spied the old Super Aero sitting there. For a second he sword that he saw the one headlight wink. He realized that it must have been a reflection of some sort and dismissed (he thought, well, he mused, better than nothing.) As he had not even started the engine for a long time he was full of trepidation as he turned on the petrol, tickled the carb. Putting the handle in the side he turned it a few turns before dropping the valve lifter. The big JAP instantly crackled into life and settled down to a steady tick-over.

As he turned into the car-park, Trev and the others were standing by the vacant space waiting for him. Gary swung the old Aero up the slope and with practiced skill rolled back into the space. Trevor walked up to him and said. What . . . ?’ ’Don’t ask replied Gary, just get me a bloody drink’. As they walked away Trev remarked,

‘Hey one of your headlights just winked!’

28 Nov

2020 MCCDC’s MOG50 – 50th Anniversary Meet (4 July, Luray VA) – Registration Forms

The Registration Forms for MCCDC’s MOG 50 are here!! Hot off the press!!

As you know the Morgan Car Club of DC has played a role in creation of many of the regional clubs, to include MOGSouth. 

The MCCDC MOGs were, at times, the only Morgan events going.  Folks came from all over the US, and even from Canada, to play in Luray, Virginia and help the MCCDC Club with the meet’s many events. For MOG 50, MOGSouth will take on the task of planning and running the Gymkhana event.

MOG 50 will be in Luray Virginia, at the Mimslyn Inn (401 W Main Str., Luray, VA 22835) over the 4th of July, 2020. Since this is a historical event, this all makes sense. The Morgan events will span Friday 3 July to Sunday 5 July.

I plan to attend and if you also decide to attend, please send me an email (series1@cfl.rr.com) so I will have an idea of the MOGSouth presence at MOG 50.

Please note, there is fee to attend and form to fill out to register. There is also a Liability Waiver. These forms need to be completed and sent to the address on the forms. Links to these forms are provided below (scroll down).

So, ACTIONS REQUIRED are as follows.

  1. Please let me know via email (series1@ cfl.rr.com) if you plan to attend.
  2. Book your rooms at the Mimlyn Inn. (Arrival in Luray should happen on Thursday 2 July, with folks departing on Monday 6 July.  (Book hotel rooms at the Mimslyn (866-375-3925 or 540-743-5105) if these numbers don’t work, let me know!) for Thurs night, Fri night, Sat night, and Sun night.  There is a discount code – GR48 – that you will need to provide when you register for the hotel.) 
  3. Fill out the MCCDC Registration Form and Mail it in, with your check for selected options.
  4. Fill out the MCCDC MOG 50 Waiver Form, Sign it and Mail it in.  

MOG 50 Registration Form


If anything changes, I will let you know. 

Cheers, Mark

25 Nov

2019 MOGSouth Holiday Party – 6 & 7 Dec 2019 – FINAL Reminders

We are finalizing all the arrangements for the MOGSouth Holiday Party!!

Make sure you’re ready!

The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort on St Simons Island is our party Hotel and the site for the MOGSouth Holiday Banquet. 

Hotel Reservations – You should have reservations for, at a minimum, Friday (6 Dec) and Saturday (7 Dec) nights.  The Holiday Banquet is on Saturday night.  If you haven’t booked your room, do it now! The phone number is (800) 342-0212.   I don’t know if it is still possible to get the MOGSouth discounts, but you should try.  Tell the hotel you are with MOGSOUTH and, be sure to ask for your ‘Goodie Bag’ when you check into the hotel’s reception.

The Holiday Banquet – The banquet headcounts are now being finalized so that they can be given to the hotel restaurant.  Make sure you have notified Debbie that you will attend the banquet so she can add you to the headcount.  If there are food allergies or other dietary issues, please let us know. 

MOGSouth Membership has its Benefits! – Just like last year, MOGSouth is subsidizing the costs of the Holiday Party event.  All Hospitality Room costs will be covered and the Banquet costs will be subsidized by MOGSouth, i.e. you will pay less than it really costs!  So, you can feel good about your membership dues!  And, just a reminder, MOGSouth membership dues are due on 1 January.  Still $25 each year.  The club will kindly take your dues money at the Holiday Banquet, see Mark or Stacey.  

Trolley Tours – There are still two seats available for the trolley tour. If you want to go, contact Debbie right now and she will reserve your seat. I suggest an email (pockets5@live.com) will be the fastest way to communicate.   The tour leaves the hotel front door, promptly at 10 AM on Saturday 7 Dec.  The tour price is 20$ per person.  If you haven’t been to St Simons before or if you haven’t taken this tour, you really do need to go. 

Silent Auction – Don’t forget the Silent Auction (it’s the Holidays . . .  better to give, than to receive??)

Identify what you to donate to the Club and bring it to St Simons in December.  If you have greasy or heavy/bulky things for the auction just bring a photo.  No need to transport it now.  Winners of the bidding for the Auction will be announced in/or around the banquet room immediately following the banquet.  All proceeds go to MOGSouth.  Be sure to get your items to the Wesley Cottage before by 4PM on Saturday.

Ugly Sweater Contest – Yes, I do have an ugly Holiday sweater! And, I can’t blame Andrea (or can I?)  Debbie has ‘special’ name tags or other identifying items for those that are competing in the Ugly sweater contest.  You don’t want to miss out as there are some ‘wonderful’ prizes to be awarded.  Go look in your closet!  You may be surprised!  Be honest! If you decide to play, do let Debbie know via email (pockets5@live.com).  There have been some questions as to when the sweaters are to be worn. Yes, worn during the Saturday evening banquet!

If there are questions, send Debbie Stanley an email at pockets5@live.com.

18 Nov

MOGSouth’s GatorMOG Chapter’s Fall Noggin – Daytona Florida 15/16 November 2019 – Report from the Field

MOGSouth’s GatorMOG chapter help their Fall Noggin in Daytona Florida this year.  We all (well, mostly all) stayed at the Plaza Hotel and Spa right on the Atlantic Ocean.  They gave us a good rate and had a parking garage for the cars.  The weather was atypical Florida, cold and overcast.  So we put the tops down and bundled up.  Sorry Andrea, we have no heater is this car . . . (Come to think of it, we have no heaters in any of the Morgans.)  Lap blankets, yeah that’s it!

We were in Daytona to celebrate the Solo finish of George Waltman in the 1968 Daytona 24 Hour race in a 1964 Morgan Plus 4. The Plus 4 came out a Police impound lot in NY, and was then driven south and raced by George.  He had no pit crew or co drivers.   Wow! 

To add to our fun, we had commemorative T Shirts (to keep us warm(?) and Racing Roundels, with George’s number 35, for all the cars.  We also had a few ‘on track’ pictures of George passing (?) a GT40 and another passing a Corvette (?) taped to the Morgan Car Corral fencing.  The wind was a bit much for our easels.  We had a few ‘postrace’ pictures as well, one even with Bill France, Sr.  Cool stuff! 

We had a Morgan Car Corral with 15 Morgans to include a 2019 3.7L Roadster belonging to MOGSouth member John Pokorny.  As is the norm when Morgans gather we attract the crowds and all day Saturday I didn’t leave the Car Corral.  Too many folks to talk to and too many questions to answer.  Also at the track Christopher Sylvestri (Daytona Morgan Dealer, Christopher Johns’ LTD.) had a new car display right in the heart of the Fan Zone and he too was pretty busy. He had a large crowd of potential customers (future MOGSouth members?) milling about his display all day.  We sent a good number of interested folks his way.  

Christopher Sylvestri in Plus 4 Club Sport

Tara Waltman, George’s lovely daughter joined us for our celebration and lapped the track in a Morgan, just like her father had some 51 years ago (albeit a bit slower!).  We lined up a few minutes before we were supposed to go out, but the race beforehand had an ‘off’ or other incident and the pace car came out and slowed the race for three or four laps.  This ate into the time available for parade laps and we only go a single lap.  It was great however and Tara Waltman took a video of entire lap.  You can view the video at Lap of Daytona Video or go the the Video Category of www.mogsouth.com. 

Tara Waltman and Debbie Stanley Waiting to Lap Daytona

After the lap of the track we reconvened back at the Car Corral and stayed a few more hours.  Then it was off to the hotel to freshen up (and thaw out?) for the evening.

The Wait – Pace Car on Track

After the sun went down, Christopher Sylvestri welcomed the entire Morgan gang to an open house of his Morgan dealership in Daytona, Christopher Johns’ LTD. Some beautiful cars were for sale to include a rare 4 Seat Drop Head Coupe.  Oh, I did want to bring that home but I have no space and there was that look from Andrea . . .

There were many other odds and ends, clothes and hats, etc., and I dare say some Holiday stockings will be full of Morgan bits and the like from Christopher’s dealership.   We had great things to eat and drink and only the call of an oceanside dinner, in a private room, drew us away. 

Dinner was delightful and we complimented the restaurant on their quick service and ability to manage our large and somewhat challenging gaggle.  We have done this enough to know that patience and tolerance are the norm.  But, not this time.  We were pleasantly surprised, they were great.   

Unexpectedly our waitress appeared with a fancy dessert, candles lit and lots of spoons.  We celebrated John Stanley’s birthday with cake and ice cream (Congrats John!!) and then back to the hotel for the night.  Sunday was again cool and cloudy but a good number of us went back to the track. I personally wanted to see some the action as I hadn’t left the corral on Saturday.  John and Debbie Stanley stopped on the way at Krispy Kreme for donuts and coffee and soon arrived at the corral with offerings for us all.  Wonderful!!

We were just a few yards away from a small grandstand and I went there with a few others to watch the racing.  It was a great spot with the racing cars slowing right in front of us for a hairpin turn, the accelerating off after hard breaking.  Breathtaking sounds and sights.  And, just off in the distance the cars are racing up on the high banking.  Amazing stuff! 

Eventually, we packed up or chairs and the like and left.  It was mid-day on Sunday.  We all had a decent drive home and wanted to get on with it.  Ian and Barbara Shelmerdine followed us home, as we traveled the back roads, through rural Florida and fields of cows, etc.  

Another great Morgan outing!  Each one seems to be better than the last.  Perhaps is the group of folks that come out to play?   We do have a good time and folks make a concerted effort to join us.   This time we had folks come down from Virginia, and even within Florida some folks travelled a good long way, more than 250 miles away! 

Well, until next time.  Have fun stay safe!