25 Mar



With the full impact of the COVID 19 pandemic continuing to unfold and the uncertainty of what to expect, the Executive Committee of the Morgan Car Club of Washington, DC, Inc has approved my recommendation to postpone MOG 50. Everyone’s health and well-being are MCCDC’s ultimate concern.

MCCDC has arranged with the management of the Mimslyn Inn to re-schedule MOG 50 to Friday-Sunday, July 2-4, 2021. The Mimslyn Inn has assured us that it is willing to re-book all current reservations for the above dates in 2021.


[Folks this may or may not work for you. If you cannot, as yet, commit to next year, you will want to cancel your Mimslyn Inn reservations outright, and NOT change your reservations to next year. If things then work out for next year, you will have to make reservations for that time. Mark]

If you had additional dates previously, please contact the Mimslyn Inn to cancel your current reservations and change them to the dates you desire. NOTE: This includes both rooms in the Mimslyn Inn AND the Cottages . Those with reservations at other hotels and/or travel reservations should have time to re-schedule their reservations, as well.

The Mimslyn Inn is working closely with MCCDC to make MOG 50 a great event in 2021. The Mimslyn Inn needs you to cancel your current reservations so they can book these rooms/cottages for anyone wishing to stay with them July 2-5, 2020. In doing so, we can help the Mimslyn Inn recover as soon as possible from the COVID 19 pandemic effects. THANKS!!

Regarding those who have already registered for MOG 50, those Registrations will still be valid and apply for MOG 50 to be held July 2-4, 2021. Questions regarding existing Registrations will be handled on a case by case basis.

Stay well and please observe all the recommendations from the CDC and other federal, state and local authorities. Feel free to contact me directly @ morgan4466@aol.com for any further questions or concerns.

Best regards, Richard B. Fohl, MD, President MCCDC

[Folks, FYI, I have also rescinded MOGSouth’s offer, to MCCDC, to run the Gymkhana at MOG 50. I do not know if we will have sufficient manpower in 2021. Mark]

24 Mar

2020 MOGSouth Spring Meet, Little Switzerland, NC., 8 – 10 May – March UPDATE

I suspect we are all getting a little anxious with our curtailed travel, lock downs and social distancing. Unfortunately, it makes the most sense to heed the warnings and abide by the guidelines of the CDC. I would like to say I have good news, but I can’t. We are optimistic but being realistic, we are still quite concerned.

The plan is to make a decision on 20 April, to stay the course or postpone our Spring Meet scheduled for 8 – 10 May, in Little Switzerland, NC.

This a full week before our hotel rooms at the Switzerland Inn have to be cancelled without incurring any financial liability. (If we do cancel be sure to call and cancel your individual reservation to preclude getting charged.)

There seems to be some good news coming from various locations, re: the virus, but it is all very difficult to predict. North Carolina has recently mandated the closure of restaurants and hotels in the vicinity of Little Switzerland, and reemphasized the 10 person limitation for non-essential gatherings. This doesn’t bode well for us, even though we are still a good six weeks away. We know folks have made significant personal and financial investments in our current dates so a measured decision is fully warranted. Again, at this point, we need to give it a little more time.

14 Mar

2020 MOGSouth Events Reminder

Folks, now that the MOGSouth Noggin and Cars and Coffee at Amelia Island has pasted, it’s time to focus on the MOGSouth Spring Meet in Little Switzerland, North Carolina, May 8-10.

Click on the link above for the Spring Meet Hotel and Schedule details. We will be sure to communicate any changes, should that be necessary. The hotel has had a few challenges with the weather so making reservations is best done on-line, instead of calling. (If you call, you may or may not get someone on the phone that really knows about MOGSouth and our meet!)

Other 2020 MOGSouth Events you should have penciled in on your calendar are as follows.

  • The MOGSouth Fall Meet, 30/31 October – 1 November 2020 (Somewhere in Mississippi, vicinity Jackson, MS – Details will be Published Soon!)
  • The MCCDC 50th Anniversary of their Morgan Owners Gathering (MOG 50), July 4th Weekend, Luray VA
  • The MOGSouth Holiday Party, 5 December 2020

The MOGSouth Holiday Party, 5 December 2020 – We Haven’t Identified a Location or a Host for this year’s Holiday Party – Want to Volunteer to Host?? Contact us at mogsouth@yahoo.com.

09 Mar

2020 MOGSouth Noggin and Cars and Coffee at Amelia Island – Report from the Field

The MOGSouth Noggin was held on Friday evening (6 March) at Salt Life in Fernandina Beach.  A good number of folks started the weekend early with a lunch gathering prior to the Friday evening Noggin at the Salt Life. 

Friday lunch prior to the Noggin – Photo courtesy Karen Benath

The Salt Life Restaurant gave us their roof bar again this year, complete with comfy chairs and a fire pit.  It was perfect for us, but . . .

We had some 20-30 Morgan folks (not all were MOGSouth members) join us for drinks and Morgan chit chat.  I only saw one Morgan there, a Roadster, a lovely car that had traveled up from Marathon Key in south Florida.   

We had plenty of space for our group and before the sun went down, you could see forever.  But when the sun did go down, we lost the sun’s warmth and it got cold and windy.  That was also about the time folks wanted dinner, so the crowd dispersed to the inside (warmer part) of the restaurant.  And, Andrea and I were among them.  Our Momma’s didn’t raise no fools! 

Dinner at Salt Life – Photo Courtesy Karen Bernath

We will have to find a different location for the Noggin next year.  This location is superb, with great parking and food, but unfortunately, it was a bit too windy for the crowd.  And, this cold and windy weather seems to be the norm for this time of year. 

The Saturday (7 March) Cars and Coffee at Amelia (Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance) was held on several holes of the golf course used for the formal Concours on Sunday.  Thus, we had to be on the field early, and then leave the field early enough for them to set up for Sunday.  The word for the day was obviously ‘early.’

Andrea on the show field – Photo courtesy of Karen Bernath

Well, we all met quite ‘early’ along A1A at the Surf Restaurant’s parking lot.  The parking lot is big enough and was empty as the restaurant hadn’t yet opened!  We wanted to be sure the Morgans were grouped together once they entered the show field.  We had been scattered in the past and that wasn’t good.  Going in together solves this problem.  Once we were all at the Surf Restaurant, we headed south towards the show field. 

The turnout was a bit light all around.  Perhaps the virus thing kept folks at home but we still managed a good selection of Morgans.  4/4s, Plus 4s, Plus 8s, Roadsters (both 3.0 and 3.7L) and a Plus 8 Speedster (supposedly only in the US for display?).  Christopher John LTD had a few new 3 Wheelers at his display.

Cars and Coffee Field – Photo courtesy of Rick Frazee

We needed have not worried about being scattered.  It appears that our participation these past few years has paid off and we (Morgans) are now on the planner’s field layout map.  ‘Morgans’ are now expected and they’ve designated a part of the show field for our cars!  And, it is a good location, right next to the new car displays.  The best new car display was obviously the Morgan display from Christopher John LTD, the Morgan dealer in Daytona Florida.  Being right next to Christopher John’s display was tremendous.  We sent lots of folks interested in buying Morgans over to see the new cars and other Morgan paraphernalia on offer.  Hopefully, he found a few new customers!!

Morgans on the Field – Photo courtesy of Rick Frazee

The show ended around 1 PM and we proceeded down the golf course paths to the designated exit.  Most of us went south about 10-15 miles to the Sand Dollar Restaurant for lunch.  This was a smart move as everyone else was going north into Fernandina Beach for lunch.  We had gone north in prior years and the traffic going into Fernandina Beach is impossible, stop and go for the better part of an hour, and once you get there, the parking around the restaurants is nonexistent.  The Sand Dollar Restaurant was also able to accomplish our large group (15+) with a minimal wait. 

A great lunch, with a wonderful view of the boat traffic coming and going along the St. Johns river.  Then we were off.  Some went south while others went north.  We were staying in Jacksonville for the evening and soon found our hotel.  A nap before dinner? Yes, please!!  A busy morning followed by a nice lunch!  A nap was just the thing. 

It was hard getting up from that nap!  It could have lasted for the entire evening!  However, time to eat again!  Dinner with the Frazees and the Bernaths was on the docket at a local sports bar.  Nothing too fancy and we were soon back at the hotel.  I was bushed and went straight to sleep. 

We met the Frazees for breakfast at the hotel. Oh boy, cardboard waffles, rubber eggs and other delicacies were on offer.  I had some coffee and Raison Bran.  Finally, it was time to go.

Andrea and I traveled back to Orlando with Rick and Sam Frazee.  We started off going south on I-95 but soon exited for the back roads.  We couldn’t resist.  Morgans, with tops down and sun shining, traveling on rural roads with minimal traffic.  Hard to do better!!  

Another great Morgan weekend!!  If you weren’t there you missed a great one.  Well, perhaps we’ll see you next year??   Cheers, Mark

04 Mar

Final Reminder – 2020 Cars and Coffee at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance (Mar 6 & 7)

This year will be similar to the previous few years. We have our MOGSouth Noggin on Friday (6 March) evening and we will participate in the Saturday (7 March) Cars and Coffee.

As is the norm you should have to registered for the 2020 Cars & Coffee at Amelia Island (if you plan is to bring your Morgan) and you have to be accepted.  (They sent a letter with a sticker.) You need not register if you don’t want to bring your car and simply want to spectate.

The MOGSouth Spring Noggin will again be on Friday (6 March), starting at 5PM until going until whenever, at the Salt Life Food Shack, 39 N Fletcher Ave Fernandina Beach, FL 32034. Note: They plan to have us at the roof b bar, same as last year. Which worked quite well, however, it was a bit cool last year so bring a jacket. If you have friend(s) that are’t in the club, bring them along to the Noggin, we don’t care!

Then Saturday morning (7 March), those of us with Morgans, will all gather at 0730 at the Surf Restaurant’s front parking lot, along A1A (3199 S. Fletcher Avenue, Amelia Island, FL.) From experience we know that if we don’t arrive together, we will be parked where ever they have a space, and most likely not together.

We will only wait at the Surf Restaurant for a few minutes so don’t be late!

If you are coming you should have already booked your hotel. A few folks are staying in Fernandina Beach, but I suspect you can’t get a room this late. Your best bet is to stay in Jacksonville and travel to Amelia Island early Saturday morning. There is a Hampton Inn, Jacksonville East, Regency Square that is just south of the Jacksonville -395 bridge over the St Johns River and just a short (45 – 50 min) drive along FL-105 to Amelia Island.

Plan on a great Morgan weekend and we hope to see you there!!

Cheers, Mark

04 Jan

More Hotels in Luray, VA for MCCDC’s 50th MOG Anniversary, 3-5 July 2020

The MCCDC’s 50th MOG (Morgan Owners Gathering) Anniversary is the headquartered at the Mimslyn Inn (401 W Main Str., Luray, VA 22835) over the 4th of July, 2020. The Morgan events will span Friday 3 July to Sunday 5 July.

The Mimslyn Inn is supposedly full and now working on a waiting list. Judy Heck got this list of other hotels in the Luray, VA area and suggested I pass it on to those of you also be looking for accommodations in Luray.

  • Laurance Hotel, (540) 742-7060, 4.5 stars
  • Mayneview B&B, (540) 669-5105, 4.8 stars
  • Luray Caverns Motel – East, (540) 743-6551, 4 stars
  • Quality Inn, (540) 743-6511, 3.4 stars
  • The Cardinal Inn, (540) 743-5010, 3.4 stars
  • The Inn of the Shenandoah, (540) 300-9777, 4.79 stars
  • Peabody’s ‘Hip Little Stay,’ (540) 742-0696, 4.9 stars
  • Hawksbill House, (540) 742-1553, 4.1 stars
  • Days Inn, (540) 742-4521, 3.2 stars
  • Budget Inn, (540) 742-5176, 3.1 stars
  • Luray B&B, (540) 743-4947, 4.0 stars
  • Woodruff House B&B, (540) 244-7588, 4.9 stars
  • South Court Inn B&B, (540) 843-0980, 4.7 stars
  • Ruffner House B&B, (540) 743-7855, 5.0 stars
  • Hillside B&B, (540) 743- 6322, 4.4 stars

Some of these might already be full, I don’t know and I have no specific knowledge of any of these other hotels, so I cannot make any suggestions. None of these is endorsed in anyway by MCCDC or MOGSouth so use you best judgement and check on line reviews best you can. Cheers, Mark

02 Jan

2020 MOGSouth Spring Meet, Little Switzerland, NC., 8 – 10 May

Lodging – The Meet Hotel is the Little Switzerland Inn. 86 High Ridge Rd, Little Switzerland, NC 28749.  FYI, Exit 334 off Blue Ridge Parkway

  • Our hosts (Jim and Colette Clark) have negotiated an amazing discount for each room ($20 per night off their normal starting prices of $169 per night), so be sure to make your reservations online at switzerlandinn.com using the group number 998642439836795 for the discount.  If you don’t use the group number, you won’t get the discount. 
  • It’s easy to book your room.  Simply go to the Inn’s web site and click Book Now (yellow button in the upper right of the screen)
  • Input 8 May as check in and 10 May as check out (unless you are arriving early or staying later!)
  • Select Advanced Search, select I have a Group Number, enter the Group Number.  Then hit GO. 
  • You’ll then be shown available room types and prices.  Select more info and you’ll be given the opportunity to select that room type that you want.

Note:  There is a ‘bug’ in the Switzerland Inn’s web site.  The room choices, after acceptance of the group number, all show an occupant limit of 1; this is a program glitch – ignore it.

Hospitality Room – The Hospitality Room will be in Balsam Cottage.  (Map of the grounds on the Inn’s website, if needed.)  The hospitality room will be open:

  • Friday: 4 – 6 and 7 – 10 PM
  • Saturday: 4 – 6 and 7 – 10 PM
  • Sunday: 8 – 9 AM

Activities – Friday Night Dinner is on your own.  FYI, If you choose to eat at the Switzerland Inn’s restaurant anytime during your stay (other than Saturday Night) you must make your reservations at the Main Desk in the Lobby.


  • 9 AM drive south on the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) 25 miles to the summit of Mt. Mitchell, 
  • 12 PM lunch at the Little Switzerland Inn
  • 1:30 PM drive north on the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) 20 miles to Linville Gorge
  • 6 PM dinner at the Inn in the”Chalet Restaurant” (FYI, Reservations for the entire MOGSouth Group have already been made. We’ll order off the menu and pay individually/charge to room.)
  • After dinner gathering either on the “Terrace” or alternately in the “Lobby”, depending on the weather.


  • 9 AM drive of the infamous DIAMONDBACK, which starts and ends at the Inn.  This drive takes 30 minutes.